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Here we go again!
Well done on the 3lbs, that's a great loss! Keep up the good work.

You're braver than me with those flapjacks though, I could never stomach a whole one. Good job we're all different I suppose!


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Ha - I don't think I'm going to have another one - Took absolutely ages to get it down - good exercise for the face though!!!
Well done andsome on losing the 3lbs. I see you lost 12lbs in the first week, wow!! I'd say your body is still getting used to that. Maybe next week it will be 4lbs??? ;)


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Lets hope so, Minnie. Although 3lbs per week will be good enough for me. Would never have been able to do that on any of the other diets I've tried. Love this one!

I notice your on day 4? It actually gets easier after the first weeks or so. Good luck for your 1st weigh in.
Yeh, day 4. I'm actually doing better than I expected. I just cannot wait for my first weigh in. Have had a sneaky look on the scales but I'm not even trying to figure out what I may/may not have lost. I just know I'm less than what I started with, so that's good enough for now, lol !!
well done! bet your really pleased with that!:D
Well done! The flapjacks really are gross aren't they, I managed to finish the one I tried...took a while to get it down though!


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well done :) x
Hi Andsome

Well done on your 3lb LOSS!! My 3 week weigh in is on wednesday, hope I lose as much as you, although my pharmacist said only to expect a 2lb loss per week, so to me 3 would be bonus!! ;)
Go girl!!


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Hi Andsome,
congratulations on your weight loss. I am one of those saddos who actually like the flapjacks, I think they are so useful to have on a day out and I do like the idea of sitting down and eating something with the boys. Best of luck with the coming week.


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The flapjacks really are gross aren't they, I managed to finish the one I tried...took a while to get it down though!

gross but convenient :)

h xx
Well done thats great! 19lb in 3 weeks! also well done for eating the flapjack I tried the coconut one and I have never eaten something so disgusting in my life!

wk 1 - 12lb

After sticking at the same weight for about 5 days, was very very relieved to have lost 3lbs today. Pheewwww. Just in the nick of time!!!

Decided to try a flapjack today - certainly an acquired taste but nice to have something solid in my mouth!:eek:
Well done Andsome brilliant weight loss.
I've never tried flapjacks but heard they are horrible,
I made the mistake of weighing myself a day or so before wi and I will not do that again as it can really put me on a downer as my weight seems to come off a day before wi. x:):)

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