Will one meal stop my ketosis?


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I’ve been on lipotrim trim for 1 week, I haven’t had any blips or temptation, today I got weighed and was 9lbs down which I’m absolutely delighted with so after weigh in I had my breakfast and dinner shake and for tea I decided to make my family a SlimmingWorld recipe lasagna, but with a jar of white sauce... so I decided instead of my 3rd shake id have a very small toddler size bowl but now I feel so guilty an worried that it will affect my weight loss next week
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Dolly Rocker

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Did you enjoy the lasagna? Just get right back on track and you should be fine.

Life is gonna get in the way and you will come on and off plan in your journey to goal weight.

Oh and 9lbs!!! WOW! Amazing loss.
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Hi Guys, I totally agree with Dolly Rocker 😁 dont feel guilty about it! 9lbs is amazing, I'm only on day 3 today and I'm struggling so bad but hope tomorrow will be a better day x


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Dolly Rocker is so right! Tbh I'm beginning to realise that of course we will have ups and downs on our weight loss journey, just like she said, even if we're doing VCLD. The trick is to stay positive and get back on track quickly. Well done on your first weeks weight loss! 9lbs is brilliant! xxx