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week 3 weigh in

so i had my third weigh in this evening and although my weight loss was ok 4lbs i am so unbelieveably annoyed at the pharmacist she said i should go on refeed because im hungry. im sorry but i dont want someone telling me that, i have enough of it in work. i thought they were meant to be supportive. i came out so fuming my friend nearly had to restrain me outside the pharmacy.

i have read of so many people being hungry on this and its not like if i eat i wont ever get hungry. i cant give up after 3 weeks it seems wrong ive only lost a quarter of my goal.

im sorry for the rant im just so angry and upset that she said that to me.
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irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
That's really out of order!! The pharmacist should have given you some positive encouragement instead of suggesting refeed. I'm in week 3 too and there have been a few times this week that I have felt the odd hunger pang or just tempted by smells. I keep a bottle of water with me all the time and keep sipping on it and it helps. Don't let it get you down you are doing really well.
ah hun, firstly well done on the weight loss. im aiming at 4lbs a week.

the pharmacist is crazy, surely she must know that every1 feel hungry! for gods sake we're not eating anything. i even chewed a mini spring roll the other night as i was starving and they smelt so good, did spit it out though. lol

hope u told her u want to carry on. maybe a good idea to try and find another chemist in ur area where theyre more supportive.

good luck x x
Well done for your loss! That's great!

A lot of peoples pharmacists are useless (mine included) just ignore them! If you're OK with continuing then there's no reason you shouldn't!

to be honest i was so fuming after i spoke to her dat i had to leave, she even asked me if i was having any problems at the till with loads of people beside me if i was having any problems what a place to ask that question. she said she would show me next week the refeeding menu im gonna tell her dat there is no way im refeeding now. its way to early. i thought about the other pharmacist i might have a look at the lipotrim website and see if there is. thanks.
well done on your weight loss thats great .sorry yo have a bad chemist too mine said i looked ok but i kow i have 2 more stone to lose cheeky mare i dont think it was a compliment ..and i still feel hungry but the need to be slim out weighs the need for food ...just ignor them and do whats right for you

debz x
well done on your weight loss thats great .sorry yo have a bad chemist too mine said i looked ok but i kow i have 2 more stone to lose cheeky mare i dont think it was a compliment ..and i still feel hungry but the need to be slim out weighs the need for food ...just ignor them and do whats right for you

debz x
yeah she asked me if it was my first week i wanted to kill her. hahaha! she really said all the worst things anyone could say to someone on this diet.
hey hun,

well done!!!! 4lbs is a fab loss

definitely ignore the pharmacist- what on earth was she talking about?! Yes sometimes we feel hungry on LT- but we also feel hungry when we eat normal. What bad advice!!! You're doing really well- keep on with what you're doing!!

yes she was a little string. thank you everyone i was thinking i was goin mad. silly i know but ive been so tired and sad lately i was thinking i shouldnt be on it but i want to do this and the hell with her im continuing until im happy wit my body.

love all you guys thanks


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Why the hell would they say go on refeed? that is sooo dumb. Ofcourse you are hungry, we are all hungry even if some of us feeling fine, the act of eating is missed and that makes us feel hungry. If you have done well and have no health issues, why would you stop?

You carry on babes, dont listen to anyone. As long as health wise you are fine than bring on the weeks.
well done on your loss hun,,
as for your pharmasict what a silly mare, omg does she not know what she`s doing... is ther any1 else there that you could ask to weigh you instead of her next time.. on this diet we need all the encouragement we can get to keep us going, you`v always got us on here hun.. well done with your positive thinking and good luck 4 next week xx
Well done on your EXCELLENT weight loss.

they should not be advising refeed until you are within the healthy BMI range, as far as i know. As long as you are happy to continue then that is all that should matter. Have you told her what your final goal is? Do that next week if you haven't already and tell her you defnitely don't want to refeed until you get to that point.
Ridiculous chemist -excellent loss! Keep your chin up, you'll have the last laugh when you're strutting your skinny a55 out the door sayin 'refeed on this mofo'.;)

lol blackrose, that made me laugh x x
It's easy to think that food will solve all those problems; cravings, hunger, the need for comfort... hell, we've been doing that our whole lives, right? but, everybody here has been hungry, and had cravings, and sought out comfort.... and we were all eating food up till the start of this diet... so for me this diet is all about discovering that i dont NEED food to gain comfort, i don't NEED to give in to cravings, whic really comes back to looking for comfort, and the food I need to satisfy hunger is far less than I used to eat.... my point to my ramblings :) is that anyone who thinks its sensible to tell you to simply give up on your diet if you're hungry, is going to point you right back to the super plus sizes. And that a pharmacist is telling you that just makes me mad... sounds like they need to go back on the training course, and learn a little empathy in the meantime!!!

You're doing an amazing job, and there's some excellent tips on this site for battling hunger and cravings. I hope you stay strong, cos we inspire eachother that way :)


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That is not on what the pharmacist has said....I had hunger pangs constantly, but I just put up with them because it was part of LT. I know not everyone has them, but I did...although after my hols and back on again I dont have them!!

Anyway, I would email Lipotrim and tell them what the pharmacist has said. It is good for them to know and get feedback. I sent an email about my pharmacist..all good mind, as she is wonderful. And, it got back to the pharmacist cause she thanked me for the kind words! So, it will help (even if you dont go back to that pharmacy) others that go there in the future.

Just not very good and I wouldnt refeed and just tell them straight when you go to your next WI. Some of them are just not cut out to do the job as they are so insensitive and havent ever had a food/weight issue in their life!

Hang in there and hope you have calmed down now.

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