Week 3 WI


Is thinking positive!
WOW!!! Well done you..5lb off is fantastic :D


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well done sweetie!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxx


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Wow! Well done you - it's always motivating to see posts like yours!



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Yorkshire Adam

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well done thats brill

great when you hit your targets isnt it


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Thats brilliant hun well done, keep up the good work you are doing so good. xx


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Usually weigh in on a Saturday, but have to work tomorrow. So i weighed in this morning and have lost 5lbs. So quite chuffed with myself and i have slashed my valentines challenge,whoop whoop :D
:wow:And so you should:jelous: Great losses an you met your mini target DOUBLE DELIGHT!!!:D:D
My 1st WI tomorrow :eek: cant wait to see how I have done. I f I drink any more water I will sink like titanic.

blue eyes

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:) Brilliant you've done really well. I've completely failed my challenge but will still have a go for the last 2 weeks. XX



I will be skinny again!!!
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Brilliant chick!!! Well done!!!