week 3 WI


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Hi All
Just had week 3 weigh in and Ive lost another 3lb so thats now 13IB in total.

I needed that as struggled all week and must admit nearly caved in on more than one occassion. However, now heading for week 4 and feeling more positive.:D

Struggled again with constipation:sigh: , even with switching from fibre 89 to pysillum husk powder. Even drinking 4 to 5 litres every day however will be upping to min of 5 litres every day this week to see if that helps. Maybe its just a case of my body getting used to the massive change in diet and I think that week 5 and AAM will help
i reckon it'll help too. well done on the weight loss. u r getting the benefits of all ur hard work. good going!

Well done. That's great!
Well done that's brill
Well done :)
Well done Blitz, nearly a stone gone already - brilliant. Bet you're glad you didn't cave in now, it's worth sticking it out - the results will be there.

Good going, keep up the good work. :)