Week 30 WI


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Hi all! Late reporting in as usual coz, after very little work, I've been snowed under this week. I managed a WI on Tuesday (my usual day is Monday) and I'm not sure when I'll WI next week - it could be as late as Thursday if this week is anything to go by!

Anyway, I lost 1.45kg which is 3.19lb.:bliss: A good one for me and takes me much closer to my target with not many weeks to go to Christmas! My pharmacist was going on about me refeeding next week but I think I have persuaded her to let me go on longer. I'm hoping to get to my new target (which I haven't told her about!!!!:sign0007:) and refeed for Christmas:48::xmastree::47:. That gives me 4 weeks tomorrow to shift that final 10.5lb - that's 2.5-3lb a week minimum! Fingers crossed!:flirt2:

I have had a lot of people asking me if I've finished and, after the first few negative reactions from a few, I have told others I have and am trying to refeed - well it was the only thing that shut 'em up!!!!!:busted: I am happy with most of me except my stomach which is still huge to me and disgusting but, after a lifetime of being obese I must accept that and may have to consider a tummy tuck afterwards! Never mind!:ashamed0005:

I hope you are all doing well and look forward to hearing all your successes, even if I only manage to pop on here for a quick look and not to post coz of work!:wave_cry:

Have a great week everyone!:D

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Well done on your 3lb loss this wk CF thats fab!!! good luck with next week!!! Caz xx
S: 11st4lb G: 8st4lb
wow! i have been reading ur weigh in posts for months and it has been amazing to hear ur journey and now u are almost there! u are a true inspiration and i have much respect for u. well done and what a lovely time to start to refeed - u deserve to have a fun filled christmas!

luv julzie xoxox


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wooo thats great your almost there and you will have a fab slinky christmas bring on the next few weeks and your final 10lb xx


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How amazing are YOU!! :bliss:
By Christmas you are going to be Foxy Fairy, not Cuddly Fairy :superwoman:
A well deserved success, I hope you have the best Christmas ever! :48:

:smiley1842::26: xxxx


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You are doing incredible CF. Not long to go for you now I bet it feels wonderful. :D:D


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you know what's best for you so dont be affected by negative comments -no one can do this diet for you so you have to make it work your way. You're doing and have done amazingly well, so so proud of ya woman!

Good luck with your new target -you'll get there no sweat! ;)


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well done chick, so close to goal now xx


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well done cf your target is just round the corner nearly there



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Wow, CF, very well done! I'm so impressed that you've stayed commited for 31 weeks! CF now stands for cute fairy - what an inspiration you are. Enjoy your success, God bless!