Week 32 WI


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Hi All,

Well the best laid plans of mice and men flew out of the window this week!!!!!:character00255:

Some of you may remember I couldn't have a Week 31 WI coz of work but had this Monday off so planned to have my WI first thing then do a load of chores I abandoned last week - like the weekly shop!!!! Anyway, typically, at 8:20am Monday morning the phone rang with a desperate plea for me to go into work!!!!!! I said yes, partly coz I need the money, partly coz I don't like to say no in case they don't bother asking next time but mainly coz the lady who organises the supply at the school is so lovely I don't like to disappoint her!

So, no WI again!!!!:raincloud:

I decided that if I finished in time (I had another appointment after school already) I would WI on my way home. 5:45 saw me pull up at the chemist, just before they closed! Unsurprisingly my loss was pants! I usually WI first thing in the morning so at that time of night I expected to be heavier after a flapjack, 2L of water and gallons of black coffee. Sure enough, I was a pathetic 200g down! That's barely half a pound!!!! I only have 2 more WI's before refeed and I had hoped to have reached my target by then!!! I still have 10lb to go!!!!!! Me thinks no chance!!!!! Still, I may lose the last little bit on refeed!

On the positive side, I tried a gorgeous dress o in Monsoon on Sunday and had to get the girl to get me a size 12 coz the 14 was too big!!! Sadly mainly due to my shrinking boobs!!! I was a 38G before starting, they have defo shrunk!!!!!:doh:

Nevermind, onwards and downwards, this close to the end I refuse to give up!!!!! I just wish people would stop telling me I mostn't lose more and they hope I have finished now!!!!!!! Nosy blighters! None of their beeswax!

Have great WI's everyone. You keep me sane at the mo!:grouphugg:


P.S. Only 3 weeks till Christmas
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Never mind hun, I am sure you will have a really good loss next week. As for the size 12 dress that is brilliant. Just try to make a bit if time for yourself, your life sounds madly hectic at the moment.

Ignore the stop now people, I am starting to get that now and to be honest it really gets on my nerves, but I just smile politely and don't engage in it.

Can you believe we are going to start the new year slim! x
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awesome! i love ur threads cuddles!! u have done so well and im sure u look stunning!

tara well done on your loss too! :)

2009 is going to be fine for u both xox well done xox


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dont worry about your loss chick I am sure ya will have just as good next week. Well done on trying on the size 12, cant wait until I get down to that size, amazing overall loss hun!!


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Well done cf its still a loss at te end of the day, imagine what it would have been if you went in the morning. Dont worry it will reflect in next weeks wi xx I had the same problem shopping the otherday only i bought the 14 only to get it home and it was way to big its a great feeling isn't it. Keep it up not long till refeed you have definately deserved that first meal xx


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hiya nice to hear from you dont worry about the wi it will be reflected next week

size 12 dress OMG how good did you feel that 10lb will be gone before you know it

keep up the good work



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:)I weigh between 3-4 lbs more in the afternoon. So I know you should see that loss next week, so to be any weight down is great.
You sound so busy. I'm the same myself. We don't get school holidays until 23rd so trying to jugle everything betweenevenings and weekends is so hard. I'm really looking forward to the 2 weeks off. The kids in the school are getting hyper and well due a break.
Fair play to you for lasting out and don't be minding anyone but your own mind.
You are on the final countdown. I make it 9 days!!!!!:)
Keep smiling (ms size 12 hehe) Is that dress for the xmas party!!!!!:D


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Wow, size 12!!!! That's what it's all about at the end of the day, that proves how far you've come and i'm so happy for you!

It's great that you managed to get your WI even if you were dissapointed, but i think had you gone in the morning as you'd planned you would have definately lost. So next week's WI should give you a boost!

Well done you! :) x


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Size 12............thats fab well done!!! good luck on your next WI CF..Caz xx


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HI, Good luck with your next weigh in. I weigh 2-3lb more in afternoon/evening so you should see it next week. Congratulations on getting down to a size 12 thats fantastic.