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week 4 only lost 2 1b


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Hi Hun

I had my 3rd WI yesterday and only lost 2lbs!! Like you say its all coming off least its not putting on!! Lol xxxxx


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I know it can feel a bit demoralising (and i suspect i may be on here tomorrow saying exactly the same as you :cry: lol) but try & keep the bigger picture in mind - you've lost almost 2 stone in 4 weeks! Wow thats pretty spectacular! A loss is a loss & even little ones all add up x
hey karen uve been doing great though ! what plan have u been folowing? i did ss for one week then ss+ for the next 3 weeks i did this cuz of scared hair falling out though extra protein may help ..... you are right though i too am trying too look at the bigger picture ( bless us ) lol
hey fairy u no not that i am saying it to myself ( when i no i should be ) ! if you look at peoples weight charts when they lose a little one week they seem to lose a lot the next week ( and we so no were gonna ( prays ) lol


Step away from the chips!
I'm doing SS - my losses have been pretty good so far & i know deep down they'll level off some time soon. I tell myself this same thing every week, yet somehow i still dont know if i'm mentally prepared for that happening :sigh: I'm pretty sure i'll feel disappointed initially when it does happen - and then it'll be time to see if i can put my own advice to good use lol


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ive read quite a few topics on this board and from what ive read is..if you only lose a couple of pounds one week dont get disheartened the next will show more rewards....

diddy x


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look at your own ticker it's a great achievement, don't beat yourself up just wait for next wk. try to up your walking on a daily basis as this will speed up your losses


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This must be the day for it. I'm just back from my wi and also only lost 2lbs.
It is quite demotivating, but all I keep thinking is that it should lead to a bigger loss next week. Well fingers crossed anyway. :innocent0001:


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I stayed the same for two weeks and almost gave up hope, then lost 6lbs last week. The key is deffo the water and a bit of gentle exercise too. Wait until you see the results next week!

Also, try not to look at weight loss on a week by week basis, look at it month by month, then you'll see how well you are doing. It's easy to get fed up but the losses are great in the long term, and for many, in the short term too.


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I am the same - I thought I was heading for a 3lbs loss in 2 weeks! But I had some chicken and lettuce as an add a meal over the weekend and this morning there's a loss of 2lbs! So Im happy - dont worry about it - measure yourself! xx
thx every one 4 your replys and its true every little pound counts ,, but ive actually made a boo boo ( i dont no where my heads at right now ) but i thought it was tuesday ( my weigh day ) !!! and ive filled in all my tickers and every thing any way ill leave them as they are 4 now as maybe still only lost a pound by tommoroz morn :|