Week 4 weigh in

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  1. Minnie64

    Minnie64 Think thin

    Just the one pound making a total of 11lbs in 4 weeks. Bit gutted but I am NOT giving in. I will not be beat. I will lose my weight even if it kills me although if I don't lose it, it will probably kill me anyway lol

    On the plus side in 4 weeks I have lost 3½" from around my waist, 2" friom my bust and 1.25" from my thighs so definitely taking something from that.

    Weigh in Monday next week so only after 5 days so will see.

    Good luck everyone and keep at it

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  3. Sarki007

    Sarki007 Member

    Hi Minnie, don't be gutted sweets, we are in the same loop I guess, 2 years ago I lost weight with gym, personal trainer, proper diet, loads of water BUT,,, I did not loose at the beginning, I gained instead whereby I felt the same as you, BUT when they measured me I was smaller by 1.5 inches approx all parts, than after 3/4 weeks I started loosing.... Same thing happened with cambridge, so I am not worried I know I will.... Also it depends on everybody's body, I am very big boned... Good luck it's my 11th day today :) I have asked the CDC to measure me on 11th feb so I will complete 3 weeks, hoping for better results...

  4. bluedress21

    bluedress21 Full Member

    Definitely dont give up!! your doing well and 4 weeks is great! i know we all focus on the weight because its the easiest to measure success but in my eyes inches are more important... when i look at slim people i dont think omg look how little they must weigh i think omg look how small their legs are!! keep with it and good luck for your next WI xx
  5. Minnie64

    Minnie64 Think thin

    Thanks ladies. I don't intend to give up xx
  6. VikkiGT4

    VikkiGT4 Miss Awesomeness Herself

    Keep going :) Even if you are not losing it in weight it's certainly showing in your inches!

    Whilst in ketosis you can be burning fat but retain water! As long as you're sticking to it 100% then the weight will come off. It just comes off differently with each person :)

    Chin up, carry on and you'll get there :) xxx
  7. Minnie64

    Minnie64 Think thin

    Thanks Vikki I intend to stick with it xx
  8. VikkiGT4

    VikkiGT4 Miss Awesomeness Herself

    How you getting on hun? It's been a while since we've heard from you :D
  9. Minnie64

    Minnie64 Think thin

    Hi Vikki
    Been a bit hit and miss but I'm now back on track. How you doing?
  10. VikkiGT4

    VikkiGT4 Miss Awesomeness Herself

    Not great in all honesty. Seem to have found the snacking wagon and struggling to get back on sole source :(
  11. kat391

    kat391 New Member

    I am doing the same. Keep wanting to eat. Need to get re focused.
  12. VikkiGT4

    VikkiGT4 Miss Awesomeness Herself

    We can do it Kat! Although I have decided to step my programme up. I'm moving to SS+. I'm having a bit of a stressful time at work at the moment and I think I'm putting too much pressure on myself, at both work and the diet. So, I figure if I have something nice to look forward to when I get home of an evening I'll be more inclined to stick to it. So far, day 3 and I'm really enjoying my little bit of chicken and veg :)

    We can do it!!
  13. Minnie64

    Minnie64 Think thin

    Hi Ladies
    I've not been doing well on SS so after speaking with my CDC at the weekend, I'm going to start Step 3, 1000 cals per day. Today is really day 1 but already feel like the pressure is off.
    Good luck xxx
  14. VikkiGT4

    VikkiGT4 Miss Awesomeness Herself

    Good for you! It is a really difficult diet and I know most people struggle with it. I have this time, that's why I'm on SS+ now - just so I take the pressure off myself. Still, you will have a really good weight loss on 1000 cals :) good luck hun x
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