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  1. Anna_B

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    I've just got back from my CDC & after 4 weeks have lost 27 pounds! That's almost a pound a day or very nearly 2 stone! After cravings last week & a cold I'm so glad I stuck to it 100%. I've dropped from size 24 jeans to size 22's & could even get in my size 20s this morning although I need to lose more for them to be comfortable enough to wear as it was a tight squeeze. I've given away all the clothes that are now too big for me as I wont be needing them again. Each time I drop a size I plan on getting the larger clothes out the house ASAP so there is no turning back.

    Yippee!! I'm feeling all postitve & motivated again :)
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  3. Gill-cdthing

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    well done !!!!!!!! brilliant loss, and great idea to get rid of the clothes, i did that too, as you say your not gonna need them again are you , :)
  4. Mini

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    Hi Anna,

    Congratulations that is a brill loss...27lbs. in four weeks, well done you.

    You are so right to get rid of your fat clothes as it is like making a statement to yourself and the world that their is no going back.

    You have to burn bridges to move forward.

    I found when I had a break from SSing and i gained back up into obesity range again and my clothes were feeling tight and uncomfortable I was faced with the decision to go out and buy all new fat clothes or get back on track again. The thought of having to go out and buy new fat clothes did it for me and got me back on track.

    I was shocked however to find that it would of been very easy to slip back into the old fat clothes had they been there...:eek:

    So I do strongly advise to get rid of the clothes that are now too big...

    I have kept a car coat that once was even too small on me to remind me just how big I was.

    Just as old habits take a long time to get rid of so does new habits take time to set as well.

    It is magic when you come down a size!!!!You will be in those size 20's in no time at this rate.:D :D :D

    Love Mini xxx
  5. bettyboo

    bettyboo Silver Member

    Well done. You are doing brilliantly. Its great getting down the jeans sizes as well. xBettyboo
  6. palmettofairy

    palmettofairy Full Member

    Great news. I bet it was very exciting to move down a dress size. Congrats!
  7. Jemax

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    Congratulations, it always is an eye opener when we can see the difference in our weightloss. Keep it up.
  8. magickmel

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    Anna, that is such brilliant news ! You must be flying high after that ! It is lovely to lose so quickly isn't it ? To get such quick and noticeable results. Keep at it and have a great week.
  9. Libbie

    Libbie Silver Member

    So so chuffed for yu Anne.
    Yes yes yes just get those to big cloths out of the house you will never need them again.
    I decided that if I did keep them it was like saying I would put the weight back on again.
    Size 20 will soon be to big for you.
    Love libbie xx
  10. Belly Busters

    Belly Busters Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Hi Anna, i have joined the forum, very interesting like you said. I , as your councellor, am very proud of your weight loss and you are certainly going to go all the way to success. Your mind is so focused which is half the battle. Go girl, from Michelle x:)
  11. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    WOW !! Well done you :D FAB loss in such a short time....

    keep up the good work !

  12. Anna_B

    Anna_B Silver Member

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    Thanks everyone! I see I'm not the only one getting rid of clothes along the way...

    Hi Michelle!! I'm glad you found us. For those who don't know I have talked about Michelle in other posts, she is everything you would want in a CDC. Knowing the lack of service/support some of you get from your CDC's I'm very glad I met her.

    Libbie - your weight loss is amazing!

    I feel on cloud 9 right now, thanks again everyone, your messages are genuinley apperciated
  13. Belly Busters

    Belly Busters Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Your blog

    Hi Anna, just read your blog, very interesting and quite thereputic to put all your thoughts to paper, or blog.
    You are an amazing woman trying so hard, with great success. Men can get very jelous of that, my husband does. I think to know they are with a strong positive women shows there flaws. Keep focused and i am sure you will see the little green monster husband many times more before the end.
    Love Michelle (Your personal CDC)
  14. Anna_B

    Anna_B Silver Member

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    Thanks Michelle :) My husband phoned me from work today to see how things had gone when I saw you earlier, looks like he is back in the fully supportive mode again :)

    I enjoy writing the blog, it will be good to look back on it in a few months & see how thing have changed. I need to put some more up to date photos on there as I'm sure the difference will already show.

    Don't forget to put a post in the 'how to find a CDC' thread...
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