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week 5 and I am now hungry

I am a bit stressed with work - actually that is an understatement and probably incorrect. I don't think it is stress - I am annoyed. I have decided to get out but that takes time.

Perhaps related to this I am hungry - I presume this is all in my mind. Could someone assure me this will pass? Anyone else felt the same?:(
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Happily pro pointing!
I think you are right that it is stress related and your mind is going back to the old days; lets eat to feel better!
It will pass, it isn't real hunger.
You need to find a new way to destress.
Could be exercise related or pampering related or something else you like to do.
It is about getting out of our old habits.
I am sure someone who has been doing this a while will come with some reassurance in a bit.
Yes you will be pleased to hear Miss F that it's not real, and yes it does pass :)
As you're in week 5 the early 'newness' will be wearing off a bit and suddenly real life and LL collide! But push on through and you'll be at week 10 before you know it and will have got through all sorts of stuff, amazing yourself at every turn by looking at all of the issues you've faced when you always would've *had* to have food.
Keep going :D
Thanks both :D It is good to have wise counsel.

A small handgun would sort my problems in the immediate term - but I fear they would only exaberate them in the longer term!

Back to the water - and maybe some knitting to lose my mind. I am working at home for the next two days to try and get better perspective.
Put the gun down Miss F!! Prison food is not so good!! As everybody says just keep walking through it all and you will be amazed and proud at what you have achieved! I am working at home as well at the moment...which is why I am sat here and not doing the report I need to have done by this afternoon!!

Deb G

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In Week 8 I got really hungry everyday for the first time since I started. I eventually worked out it was because I was having caffeinated coffee instead of my usual decaff. I must be VERY sensitive to insulin as one cup made me hungry.

Other than that - it has got ridiculously cold over the past week or so - so maybe that is making you feel hungrier.

Whenever I feel hungry, I use the HALT method - am I Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired? If I am the first one, I have a pack/decaff coffee/veg boullion drink. If I am any of the others, then I work through it or go have a bath!!!

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