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week 5 and scared


I can do this..
Tomorrow is my last day of week 4 which means Friday is the start of my AAM week and I'm terrified to eat. What if it makes me want to eat all the time??? I'm quite happy with my shake, bar & soup a day and not hungry. I don't want to break the cycle and be tempted to keep on eating. How do others get over this?:sign0009: help!!
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Hey Catscratch!
I obviously don't have any experience of this yet as I'm only in week 1, but I've been giving it a lot of thought! I've decided that for my first AAM week I'll stick strictly to the fish/chicken/green veg suggested by exante, which should guarantee I stay in ketosis, and also won't be so exciting that I fall off the wagon! Like you I'm really getting into the TFR zone and am worried about having real food again.
Good luck, stay strong!


I can do this..
I was planning on just having the chicken/fish/veg/salad combo's, I'm just afraid that I'll want to continue eating after I've been doing it a week, can't afford to do that as I need to shift the weight before going to Oz in November otherwise I'll never cope with the heat. Been melting here the last couple of days and it'll be twice as bad in Oz and nearly all the time ( silly really going in their summer)...


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I agree with Star, thinking back to LL, they only recommending increasing your calorie intake after week 11 (I think) and even then you don't introduce food, just make your shakes up with m*lk and have ~ 1000 kcals/day for a week. I didn't do this when I did LL as I wanted the weight GONE ;)


I can do this..
So if I'm feeling fine with no problems is it up to me to decide? No hard and fast rules..I would prefer to carry on at least another couple of weeks and then think about it.
Thanks, feel better now..


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I don't do AAMW :)

The reasons are:
1.lazy ass me ( can't be bothered to go and do shopping, choosing the right food and bla bla bla)
2.being a pig, would go on 100% for some nasty food
3.want to lose my belly as soon as possible

I'm happy with my loss so far, feel okay, not hungry, my nails and hair feel very good, skin looks much better, I'm fool of energy.

I can do a few AAM days after 3 months or even a week. But I will plan everything, very carefully, before. What exactly the meals will be like, including the amount of calories and proper portion size.
The weather is nice and hot, I prefer to go for a walk instead of food shopping, cooking and so on. :)

Whatever you decide, good luck!


Been liberated by Exante!
I only have add a meal days - like today. it seems to work out about once a week, can't do it for a whole week, too much.

Seems to work OK


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I didnt do the AAM week in the past I found I had enough 'off days' that I was never in ketosis solidly. CD only do it every 12 weeks also.

If you are doing AAM week then stick to all proteins, many people lose weight that week and going back onb the shakes they have a big loss the week after.


I can do this..
Thanks everyone, decided not to do the AAM week just yet, may try the odd day in a few more weeks... :thankyou:
I'm on week 5 (started Monday) and completely forgot about AMM, oh well no harm there then lol


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