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Week 5 Management Query


Was just wondering if any of you experienced LL's or those who have got passed week 5 in management could help me with a couple of questions.

I go into week 5 tomorrow and can now have two protien meals a day as well as two foodpacks and snacks :eek: I am having trouble having one protien meal a day with two foodpacks and snacks.

Do most of you continue with the packs at this stage or not? If so what do you actually eat and when do you fit the food packs in.

The other thing I wanted to ask is. We are not allowed Honey until week 13 i believe but I have seen that a lot of you have mentioned dressings and have used honey. Also a lot of shop bought dressings contain honey so are these ok? I have been sticking with balsamic vinegar but would like to try something else and don't want to buy dressings as I prefer to make them myself.

Any advice would be helpful.

Hope you are all having a great weekend.

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Hi Betty,
Truth be told I skip the packs or I mix 2 together and do it that way. double chocolate or banana are a real treat sometimes. This week I got 7 bars to see if that helps but I'm not a great lover of the bars so personally I wont be doing that again.
I normally have mixed fruit and yogurt when I get up at 4-5 then raw vegetables and dip followed by and apple / orange. Then at 1 I have chicken and salad and another apple or pear. When I get home at 6 I'l have another protein meal followed by fruit then in an ideal world 2 food packs before bed and hopefully no grazing in between. I hope this helps.
I have used fat free honey and mustard dressing since week 2 but haven't actually bought any honey but I'm looking forward to trying some then. I don't know If it would make a huge difference if you use it sparingly.
Hi Alan,

I was kind of guessing that most people skip the packs. I tend to mix two together, I really love choc and banana as custurd yum. Was thinking of trying the banana custurd over a baked apple, I bet the choccie is quite nice too. Or mizing strawberries into the banana as custurd for brekkie. That is so bad, my sweet tooth.

You seem to have it all planned to perfection. Wish my day was able to be planned like that!! I have in the last few weeks been going out for a quick run before I go to the gym on a Sat and last week did it before work. I'm hoping to do this a couple of times a week (subject to the weather) and have an evening off the gym in the week as well as Sunday so I have some evening to plan better evening meal and daily routine.

I'm still loving the fruit and yogurt a little too much but at least it is better than a bar of choccie.

I think I will start using the honey in marinades and dressings, I don't see what harm it can do as long as I don't start eating it from the jar!! I can't wait to have it on porridge.

Hope your well Alan and enjoying the weekend. I do feel for you cycling 11 miles in the rain though fingers crossed we actually get the summer soon. xx
Hi Betty,
I really like 2 banana shakes together specially adding the water slowly they really go thick and yummy. I've also got a serious sweet toothe I think we all have really lol. I had Tofu for the first time this evening. I made a vegetable soup and added Tofu to it have to say pretty tasty. I'll be experimenting more in the future.
I can plan the week days ok weekends seem a little more hectic and I think thats where I struggle with grazing. I rather over done the nuts on Saturday but I'm feeling trim so we'll see what happens. I think it's partly about pushing bounderies and seeing what your body can deal with.
I hope your having a peaceful weekend. Mine was pretty good I was visiting relatives down in Kent which made a nice change. Some summer would be nice I'm hoping it comes very soon I'm getting water logged lol .

Hiya Alan,

Have just caught up with your blog. The stuff you are worried about grazing on such as the dried fruit and nuts is probably a combination of crooked thinking and your body actually telling you it does need more for the exercise you are doing and the fact you are still on a low calorie diet.

When I exercise hard I crave cereal and things like fish even though I am veggie. Dried fruit has a higher sugar content so therefore gives your body what it craves very quickly.

Like you say we are still learning. As I said i over induldged on the fruit and yogurt again Friday and Saturday night and told myself it was fine because I was up early and was buring loads of calories exercising. We do need to be careful as this could become crooked thinking but realistically with the amount of exercise we do what we are eating won't hurt us.

We have also got to face the fear of stepping on those scales and seeing for the first time that we have put on weight. This will happen, we can't stop it (unoess we help by eating loads of rubbish, but we are not doing this at the moment).

I suppose I see Friday and Saturday night as treat night which is crooked thinking and this is what I want to stop as I don't eat much during the day knowing then I will think it is ok to have all the fruit and 500g yogurt in the evening. I am fine with Sunday though as I know I have my weigh in Monday and I don't want to be full for that.

Well hopefully soon we will both relax and start to enjoy it a little bit more.

Have a good evening xx
Hi Betty, looking back in my book for week 5 I see that I usually had a vanilla shake with coffee for breakfast, then fruit mid morning, something like a cottage cheese and prawn salad for lunch, fruit or yoghurt for a snack then protein and veg for an evening meal (plus fruit/yoghurt). I would then have a bar in the evening plus my sugar free jelly! That may seem like a lot but I'm exactly 1 pound heavier today (wk 11) than I was on wk 4 which isn't exactly worrying me. I have tried to stick to the guidelines as much as I can, as there are times when I have been rather more creative! I wouldn't worry about using a bit of honey in dressings - you are not going to have significant quantities. The guidelines are just that - management is about learning to make sensible adult decisions. If you were to find that having honey set you off craving sugar then of course it might be wise to stay off it.

Good luck and have fun experimenting!

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