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Week 5 WI....

So, this week i went away for a 4 day caravan break, took my iPhone and iPad with me so that I could work out my pp's, went to the supermarket and picked out low fat meals, bought some snack packs of fruit, did at least an hours walking every day...... jumped on scales this morning (1 day late), and i have stayed the same!!:mad:

Not sure what to make of this. The only difference this week really has been the extra walking and the fruit (I dont usually eat fruit). I ate all but 3 of my weekly points before i went away, which I do every Saturday anyway, but stuck religiously to the dailies whilst away.

A little bit disheartened, but determined to stick to it, I was going to revert to Kickstart Discover Plan this week, meaning I would've been on 17pts a day, however, as the day has worn on and I am going out with friends tonight, have decided to give ProPoints another week. Maybe it was the Quorn Mince I had last night that meant I didnt shift anything (hubby always swears that if he eats the stuff the day before wi he puts on weight), but thats never affected me before....
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at least you stayed the same alot of ppl tend to out on while away so well done
also have you measured yourself you might have lost inches rather then weight (my leader constantly reminds us of this)
dont be do disheartened. i had the same problem last week did 3 work out, didnt dip into my 49pp and lost only 1/2lb

just think keep it up this week and it should be more then usual, thats what im hoping anyway lol
I dont like measuring myself for some strange reason, because size guides say my waist measurement puts me in an 18, but i can get into a 12-14.

However, i think ive found the reason for the STS, ive had a bit of trouble with constipation since i started, took some laxatives a couple of days ago and i have now lost 3/4lb - 1lb since Friday (i get on and off the scales 2-3 times!), lol!

Just a bit miffed that i tracked everything (took WW kitchen scales, had WW App on phone and ipad so no cheating occurred) and that I had done more walking than ever. Hoping that now I am back home, my body will get used to being back to "normal" (if you know what I mean), as long as the weight starts disappearing again.... Mind you, hubby stuck to his Discover Points religiously whilst away, got on the scales this morning and he had put on half a lb, maybe holidays dont suit us :)

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