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Week 6, so bl**dy disappointed!


Never Ever Give Up!
Week 6 and am so disasppointed! I only lost 2 lbs (0.8kg). Guess I'm sort of happy that even though I was out of ketosis for most of the week (6 days) I still lost weight but am very disappointed to see my weekly loss decrease by the minute.... :cry:Seeing my losses going down makes it very hard for me to continue. Am gonna reconsider this week to see if I will continue or not.
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Mirjam I had weeks when I, too only lost 2lb, even 1lb, despite being 100% and in ketosis, don't let it get you down or put you off cos I'm sure that you'll make up for it next week......

Is there an obvious explanation? Totm? Constipation or did you eat this week?

Come on babes, chin up x


Never Ever Give Up!
I had constipation last week so took all different kinds of meds to unblock and that took me out of ketosis. I'm not 100% every day as I work out quite a lot so eat some chicken but only around 125gr and nothing else.... have decided to go 100% this week to see if it makes a difference. Thanks Sandra x
Do you find that exercise makes you hungry too? Even though I was in ketosis I used to feel starving on the days that I went to the gym and it was awfully difficult to stick to the diet, managed it though....Used to save my shake for when I came home

Good luck with doing 100% and I hope that it makes a big difference !

Ps one extremely good thing about eating again is being able to have branflakes for breakfast and being woken up by needing to go to the loo:D
Sorry you're disappointed but you've done really well and, by the sounds of it, 2lbs isn't a bad loss considering you weren't in ketosis and from what I see on here, it's not uncommon for people to have a bad week followed by a good one. Hopefully a week on 100% will speed things back up for you. Keep on keeping on!
Actually, 2lbs is a good loss considering you've had bowel problems.

Stick with it, I'm sure that next weeks loss will more than make up for it. Remember, you've had some great losses over the weeks.

Don't give up.


Never Ever Give Up!
I'm absolutely starving after my workouts. I take my first shake at around 11am, the second at 5pm and the last one between 9-10pm so I spread it out but it's hared not to eat every day after the training sessions :)
Thanks guys!


Never Ever Give Up!
True.... :)

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