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Week 6 weigh in and totally unreal [email protected]@@


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OK had my 6th weigh in today and lost a grand, massive zero. Thats zilch, nothing STS.
To say I am [email protected]@@@ off would be putting very very mildly. How can you not eat all week, be under 500 calories a day and lose nothing?
I feel like just giving up now. Whats the point?
I am really gonna to have to think seriously whether I can carry on with this.
I'm on a downer now.
:cry: :cry:
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Aw mate, that sucks. Please please stick with it 100% this week and the weight WILL come off next week, you will have a massive loss.
I'm not really sure what to say to make you feel better, other than you may have a huge loss next next week. What did your CDC say it could be down to?


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And you've lost 2 stone (albeit a pound away) in 5 weeks, that is fantastic. Your body is just trying to adjust, Keep plugging away and you'll get there :)


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Hi Foosey

Sorry to hear about your WI. I don't have experience of losing nothing, but had one week where it was only 1lb. It is very demotivating, but I agree with others on similar threads who say that if you stick with it, you'll see a big loss next week. You've done so well up till now, don't completely ruin all your hard work.

Give it another week and see what the scales say then. If there's still no real progress, have a chat with your CDC about what else s/he could suggest.

Keep your chin up, hun and remember that you're worth the effort.



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My CDC told me yesterday in this weather we hold onto alot of water regardless of drinking the correct amounts, maybe this could be the reason?

You've lost loads so far be proud and chin up for next week :)


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I'm not really sure what to say to make you feel better, other than you may have a huge loss next next week. What did your CDC say it could be down to?
She didnt say really. Just said that sometimes we plateau ( hope thats the right word) but it dont make you feel any better about it.

Thanks for your kind words Ruth & Lisa


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Hey hon
Just wanted to say chin up !! You have done so amazingly well..... 5 weeks and 27 pounds is incredible........ thats 1 pound short of 2 stone!!!
Ok lets look at it a different way say last week, week 5 you would have lost 3 pounds and this week week 6, 2 pounds.. you would have been happy ........
You have done amazingly well so DONT GIVE UP!!!!!!!!! why would you,your doing great xxxxxxx
It's the heat!! I'm bloated and haven't lost anything for a week and I'm sure it's mainly down to the weather. I'm guzzling water like there's no tomorrow but it doesn't seem to help!

My wedding ring was falling off me a couple of weeks ago and now I can't get it off my finger!

Don't worry it will come off next week!
Keep it up, as a big loser I had a week about week 7 where I lost about 1lb which at over 20 stone was not enough for me however the next week was 7lbs so well worth it. From time to time your body needs time to adjust, youll still of burnt fat you'll just be retaining water for a number of reasons, next week it'll move again. :)


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sorry you sts hun, but at 4lbs a week off its still a good solid weight loss rate!
My CDC said to always look at the losses in 2 weekly cycles....so give it until next weigh in and see what you lose then....
Have you lost any inches?


100% all the way!
Hi Foosey,
I can only echo what the others have said. I would certainly feel the same as you if this happened to me, but I've noticed that when this happens 9/10 times you will have a big weight loss the next week. There are many factors it could be the heat, or it could be your body catching up with your weight loss so far.

I personally don't measure myself every week but people also find that they have lost inches rather than pounds!?

Keep your head up and I will look forward to hearing about your BIG weight loss next week! xxx


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Thanks everyone for your support, I really do appreciate it.
My CDC did measure me. Lost 2 inches off my hips totalling 3 1/2 inches, 1/2 off waist totalling 3 inches, 1/ 1/2 off bust totalling 3 1/2 i think and 1 inch of my arms totalling 2 1/2 inches. So pretty even all round there.

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Foosey Woosey.... don't you dare give up :) silly billy. You've done so well and those inches lost is brilliant. Let your body catch up and stick with it or you'll regret it. I've hardly lost a thing in 3 weeks !!!!! You'll be fine hun. Big hugs xxx

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