week 6 weigh - in

Hubby's weight has started to slow now, he lost 3lbs this week- but that makes an incredible 52lbs in 6weeks :eek: :eek: :eek: . I am so pleased for him. He is doing so well and its going to make all the difference for his knee re-placement operation . The chance of a successful outcome get better every week.

I lost 3lbs this week , thats still eating a meal a day. I put it down to no red wine :D in my diet- 6 weeks without a drink yikess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A total of 18lbs loss in 6 weeks - not bad eh! I need new clothes, my jeans have now got baggy bums and my tops look as though they belong to someone else. I am making do for the moment and will go and buy some new clothes when my weight loss has slowed down. I can always get a few cheapies from Primark to keep me going:) :) .

Still working our bits off getting the new work premises ready, hope I have time to get everything ready for Christmas:) , Most of the food is organised and I have all but doen the present buying so hopefully it will all come together.