Week 6 Weigh in


Week 6 weigh in results are .... 4lbs off! So that's 29lbs in 6 weeks, i've hit the 2 stone mark and i'm now in the 16 stones!!
Was very pleased, as i found this week very tough. Have got my school xmas party on Friday and have been umming and ahing over whether to eat, but have decided i will, and try to enjoy it and not feel too guilty. Then get straight back on the following morning! So may not get a loss next week, but it might be worth it for the first meal in 6 weeks!
well done you,you have done just fab,i hope you enjoy your christmas party,and i would to have something to eat there.
well done and good luck for next week
love kirsty
Very well done!!
Thats fantastic JUJU you must be well chuffed. I have my six week weigh in tommorow. I have lost 22lbs so far so hope I catch up with you a bit.

Big well done though. Six weeks has gone quicly for me overall but there have been some days that just seem to have gone on forever. If you have decided to let your hairdown then do it without guilt. I am going to eat CHristmas lunch but I am planning to keep it low carb - it will be a real test for me to get straight back on track but I tell you I will savour every morsel!

Party on!
Well done, six weeks and over two stone is such an achievement, just been able to come onto this site and read other peoples experiences is helping me.

Great Loss, if you choose to eat at your party then fine, make wise choices as much as you can and you can still lose x
Great job on the loss. Do not feel guilty about the party. You have been doing great and sometimes we all have to remember that life does not stop just because we stop eating!
Cheers folks,you guys are such a great support. Have been worrying about this meal since i started the diet, but after talking to my CDC, Ailsa, I've really chilled out about it. Have decided to drive and not drink, but am going to enjoy the meal and have no pudding - as sugar is my craving enemy! I am sure it will be worth it, this is such a tricky time of year!!
Hi Jujo_doll, go and have a blast at your meal you deserve it, 6 weeks under your belt and 29lbs down, well done.

I'm taking the day off work on friday to avoid our Christmas lunch and drinks nite, I'm only completing day 5, think I've just about got my system into the routine but no way could I start adapting yet. I'm looking past the short term obstacles and I've got my firmly on the goal, the little counter at the end of my signature is my prompt, I'd love to move into my new house without a weight problem, thats 160days, over 5 months but the counter goes down each day and so do I, ha ha (bloat that is)
:) Half a stone in 5 days Caz maz thats fantastic. The first couple of weeks are the hardest. I have avoided most of the CHristmas do's not because I can't face not eating but I just don't want the questions.

:) Had my offcial six-week weigh last night and have lost 29 and three quarters. I seem to be averaging at about 4lbs a week which is just fantastic. I still have another 2.5 stones to lose and I know It will slow down but I couldn't be happier.

:DWell done all you six-weekers, just think we could have dropped another half a stone by Christmas - now wouldn't that be a nice pressie!
Hi Cake n eat it,

Yes weightloss was good first few days, its slowed down now as to be expected I suppose, just completing Day 6, would never have thought I'd have this willpower. Thanx to Ketosis eh!