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Week 7 results


One last chance
hey... 2lbs is still a good loss dont be so hard on yourself!... maybe it will be more next week. you have done fantastically well so far you should be proud of your achievement x

its a bummer when it slows down but its only natural... its alot better than not losing at all.. WELL DONE XX
Hey chicken, don't forget that when we don't lose many lbs we've often lost in inches. Have you been measuring yourself? xx
hey hun, you have lost 2 stone in 7 weeks which is amazing :) Lipotrim is meant to get a stone off each month and you have done that, and i am sure you will continue to do so :)


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You have lost 2 stone in 7 weeks which is excellent!

Well done:happy096:

How many inches have you come down?

Love Mini xxx


This year is my year....
Rainbow Brite is right - Measure yourself and see what the difference is.
2st in 7 weeks is brilliant. I'd take that one! What other diet is gonna give you that consistant result?

Are you drinking much water?
I guess we are all going to get low weeks and better ones, but looking at the results of alot of people its coming off faster than and eating diet, so think positive you can do this!
you have done well!!!

2lbs is a loss and not a gain, your heading in the right direction. Keep up the good work!
We will all get there with determination, dont let it beat you!! keep positive!!!
Well done x


One last chance
I guess, I just really want to lose enough weight before I go on holiday. And at this rate, if I keep losing 2lbs a week, I'm not going to get there.


One last chance
LOL chicken. We lose in inches if not much in weight? ooh that's kewl, I took some measurements last week I think. I'll have a look later and see.


One last chance
True. Thanks, I'll keep going, it's just such a piss take you know.


One last chance
Are you sure? I mean what if I just keep losing 2lbs every week in every month?


One last chance
Thanks very much.
Hi Yasmine. Don't panic hun. I was the same, getting down when I had low loss weeks but our bodies sometimes hit plateaux in whichever diet we do and, for me, that is often when we lose our resolve. Often, once the body gets over it, we have a good loss in the weeks afterwards.

Maybe if you were on another diet you would have sts or even gained - I know I would have - and 2lb is still a bag of sugar, have you held one lately, it is heavy!!!!! Hang in there hun coz you are doing so well.


blue eyes

Positive and focused!
Keep going, well done! :) XX
well done Yasmin, i reckon you are heading for a bigger loss this week - keep it up. xx

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