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Week 9 - 50lbs Gone!


Here we go again!
Had my week 9 weigh in today and lost another 4lbs, which I am so pleased with.

Went to New Look and bought a pair of black jeans from their normal range in a size 18 and they fitted fine! Couldn't believe it. I've never bought anything from their normal range. Also bought a t-shirt in an 18 and it fitted too. Tried a size 18 from the inspire range and they were much too big, couldn't believe it!

So not only have I lost a total of 50lbs now, well on my way, I can also buy clothes in New Look, which I never could have imagined 9 weeks ago.

As you can imagine I am having a very good day so far.

Hope everyone else is having a great day too! :D:D:D:D:D
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Fantastic mini!!!!!! :D:D:D:D
Well done xxx


One last chance
Awesome! well done you! that's an amazing loss and 50lbs is brilliant!

That's about 100 bars of butter!


Here we go again!
Thank you all! Feeling really good and want this feeling to last. So many of my clothes are now too big for me but don't want to buy too much cos they wont be lasting long at this rate. I'll have a big clear out when I'm at target, the charity shop wont know what's hit it!


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My charity shop bage is HUGE! Have a very limited wardrobe at the mo (mega shopping trip planned for when I'm back at my mum's at Easter). Did buy a couple of dresses though, will have to post pics! On a side not it looks like New Look is coming to Jersey! Woot!

Well done MiniB!!


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well done Mini thats a great loss. You have done really well. Like you said its great to get to buy smaller clothes, and i think all the charity shops in the UK will be getting lots of clothes donations at the rate everyone is going.

Keep it up and again well done.

Nikki xx


Here we go again!
Thanks Soph and Nikci! I've also gone from a 40D to a 38C already! Got some lovely new bras that looked so neat and petite compared to my old huge things. Only good things happening on this diet so far!
brilliant, it makes you feel so good when you can get into something you never thought you would, well done.
It feels fantastic doesnt it, well done! I can now fit in some tops i have had in my wardrobe for ages, cant wait til i lose more and can go shopping!

cawisu xx


Here we go again!
Thank you all so much you lovely people! All your kind comments really help to spur me on. Good luck to everyone on here, we all deserve to be at goal cos we've all worked so hard to get this far. Keep up all the good work everyone.


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Wow, well done! Fab stuff

Great stuff! That's so impressive and I bet the shopping trip felt fab :)
Well done you!!!


Here we go again!
It felt very strange to be in New Look and not have to go to the back of the shop where the inspire range is. For the first time ever I felt as though I was allowed to be in there. Not buying too much though cos I wont be in size 18 for long at this rate. Can't wait to drop down through the sizes.
Well done you, thats super. I know how you feel at being able to buy clothes that you couldnt buy before, same thing happened to me today, it definitely gives you a boost.


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Wow! 50lbs is such a milestone! You must love your new look! Enjoy it and keep at it! You will be at target before you know it. Well done hun!
Hi I just started and am on day three. I have been so tired and feeling sluggish, but the shake or soup always picks me back up for a while. I do not own a scale so I am not watching whats happening. I was shocked to weigh in at start at 15.7!
I thought the worst thing was struggling to get off the sofa, but hit rock bottom and decided to make this a comittment when I could not fit into anything I own!
I was diagnosed with a vision loss and gained alot from lack of exercise and stuffing my face in anxiety, and was demoralised by a so called friend who insulted me with sneers and smirks and finally called me a binger to my face. Clearly she did not really have friendship in her heart.
Well, Here I am congratulating you and hoping to have a fantastic reduction on my first weigh in, my question to you is this, when do you get your energy back? I would like to start exercising but can hardly carry myself up the street! I went shopping for flowers for the flat and was completely exhausted afterward! I can't wait to go clothes shopping, I am waiting until I get back to 10 st, goal is 9!
wish me luck

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