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Week One Early Weigh In?

Hi all, week one, for me started on Monday, my pharmacist told me to come back tomorrow to get next weeks supplies. I guess she'll weigh me then. Should I be prepared to be disapointed with my loss as only been on it 5 days? What is everyones's experience?
Thanks x
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Im in the same situation as you, I will have my WI tomorrow and I started on Monday, I wanted it this way, as I live a fair drive from the chemist where I get my LT, and if there is ever a Friday I cant get down for whatever reason, I will always have 2 days worth to tide me over!

Im hoping for a 5lb loss tomorrow, hopefully !
should still have a decent weight loss and wait for it to catch up next week
Oh great thanks so much for that, can't wait to take the soup back!....even the very thought of it makes me want to:eatdrink017:.!!!!
I've heard the coconut flapjacks are ok I might just get a couple to try what do you reckon?
Blimey what would I do mwithout you lot? x
flapjacks are awful imo

but you might like we are all different
Same here with the soups - yech. Hope the flapjacks work for you!
Thanks Adam feel like i need something to chew lol! Teeth are redundant lol!
I buy both the flapjacks, the peanut one was the one I struggled with, but by the 3rd one I liked it. I love the coconut one too, thats my favourite, and its just nice to chew something. I found I was quite constipated, but the flapjacks seem to help in that department and they also help you drink water. The only thing I hate is the soup, but we all have different tastes.
good luck honey.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


maintaining since June'09
Good Luck!
Yay!!! I lost 4lb since Monday, am soo pleased!!!


Getting thinner everyday!
Well done Rach. That's a 1lb a day...brilliant! And a good motivation for the next week.

Thanks so much Hoolie, yep definately will keep at it! Yes went down to the staff resturant and the food smelt lush!
How weird that we get so much use of our nostils but not our taste buds! I keep dreaming that I forget I'm on LT and start eating then think CR*P I've blown it and then realise it's a dream! lol x


Getting thinner everyday!
yes, a few people on here have dreamt of eating.

It's not something I've done though. I'd quite like to dream of eating a lovely meal!!!

I'd be happy to continue losing a lb a day!

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