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Week One

I lost 8lbs!!!
It's amazing, as I can't remember the last time the scales moved in that direction, never mind so much.

I was planning to do Total Solutions, but so far, only managed to do it for 1 day - I was sooo hungry I found it hard to concentrate!

Every day since, I've had one meal, of something I fancy, but not too unhealthy, and for the rest of the day had a shake/bar/soup. I've noticed a vague headache mid-afternoon, but nothing too bad, probably need to drink more in morning. I'm finding it hard to remember to drink enough, so far I've managed 2ltrs or so, but need to up the intake a bit more.

So I guess it's more Working Solution I'm falling into a pattern of. If it keeps coming off, I'll be fairly happy to stay on that! :)
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WOW 8lbs (over half a stone) well done you xxx


Grumpy Old Git
mumsy2milf.........wow what a username!

Wonder if I am the only one that knows what it means??:eek:

Being a man I suppose I would....:p
it is a classy name xx
well done thats great!

I have found i am adding a small meal of protein or salad... it keeps my head straight!
Gosh thanks for the encouragement folks! :)

Captaincollins and Mike50, cheers for the compliments on the choice of username (...and trust the men to notice/comment hehe) - right now it's rather wishful thinking on my behalf! Still, let's see if it's a prophetic one by xmas/new year eh? :p

Anyway, Captaincollins, AJE, and Starlight - fingers crossed for a flying start!

Mike50 - my goodness, your statistics ROCK!

PrettyPaula - I'll be following your progress too and wishing you the best of luck in reaching your target. I know what you mean by a small meal keeps your head straight!

Oh well, here's to week two...I fell off the wagon a little yesterday. But there was a good reason - it was my birthday, so I gave myself a 'day off' and other half took me out for dinner.

Today I've picked up, and a friend who I haven't seen in months actually said I seem like I've lost weight (I muttered something about losing 'a few pounds') Strangely, I'm not ready to talk about it in conversation right now...not sure why.

And ....I'm still not drinking enough. Why do I find it so hard to drink water??

Anyway, I've decided to carry a 750ml bottle around with me, and keep drinking one with each 'meal' - so four of those a day is automatically 3ltrs. Anything, so I don't have to try and remember how much I've drunk - my memory is terrible. (even with water :D)
lol captaincollins is a female LOL AKA sharon
LOL its ok :)


Get through each day.
well done mumsy2.......you have had a great start. know what you mean about the water....i find it hard to drink enough and keep track of it too.

was week one for me also...7lbs off with a few cheats along the way....aiming to be a good girl for week 2!

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