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Just had my tenth weigh in and it was far better than last week , 4 lb loss so im feeling loads better at this one , my pharmasist said today that we need to sit down and discuss my goal out of this :confused: , not some thing id thought about , but after leaving i spent the rest of the day thinking of nothing else (took my mind of food anyway ;) )
Any way i was quite suprised at my own decision :) ive actually realised that i would really like to be a size 8, which before i never could see this as a realistic goal but with lipotrim it seems more than relistic and im determined im going to get there :superwoman:
Strangest thing is though is that since realising this today, and sharing my thoughts with freinds and family i only seem to be getting responses like
' ooo no i dont think that will suit you'
'you would look really ill '
'i dont think that would be heathy '
'no i dont think that small no thats too much '
What is it with these responses from the people who are suposed to care about you , its as if they prefer me to stay fat i just dont understand it :confused:
Any way enough of my rambling !!!!! hope you are all well and keeping up the good work Deb x

WEEK ONE ..... 10 lbs 5/3/08
WEEK TWO...... 3 lbs 12/3/08
WEEK THREE.... 2 lbs 19/3/08

1ST STONE GONE !!!!!! + 1 lb

WEEK FOUR....... 3 lbs 26/3/08
WEEK FIVE........ 5 lbs 2/4/08
WEEK SIX.......... 3 lbs 9/4/08
WEEK SEVEN......1 lb 16/4/08
WEEK EIGHT.......4 lbs 23/4/08

2ND STONE GONE !!!!!! + 3 lb

WEEK NINE.........1 lb 30/4/08
WEEK TEN.......... 4 lb 8/5/08
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S: 15st8lb
you know yourself wat your body needs,but maybe they really think id wont suit u bein so thin,are you siz ten yet,you never know you might be really happy when you reach ten,just go with the flow,and well done you have done fab to date xjx


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Size 8 is small, but it depends on how tall you are and your frame. It's important to be realistic I suppose, but friends and relatives can be odd! And it can be frustrating and unsupportive to be told: "don't lose too much now". What did your pharmacist think? ANd what does your doctor think?

I would say see how you feel as you lose weight, you should know yourself when you get to a size you feel comfortable with. But if you are tall with a large frame, then size 8 may be unhealthy for you. That's just my opinion though:)


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I have to agree size 8 is small but like cee cee said it depends on your frame etc! Size 8 scares me persoanlly lol as im 5ft 9 and a 12 is pushing it! Im sure your family and friends and just worried hun but they sometimes can speak sense so maybe discuss it with them..only you can know what is right for you xx

Oh and well done xxx


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Well done Miss Wilkinson, thats brilliant as for your target, do what is right for you xxxxxxxxxxxx


weighs a lot less
well done hun,like everyone else says its up to you what seems right x
it feels right

Thanks everyone :),
Im no where near yet , i have managed to drop neaarly three dress sizes so far but still only to a size 18 ,so im not jumping ahead of my self but my pharmasist just got me thinking when she said i need to think of a goal :rolleyes:!!!
And to me now it just seems that a size 8 is where i want to be , and going on my weight loss so far its only about another 3 times what ive done which seems realistic to me ,
This diet just makes me really confident that i can achieve it . Deb x

WEEK ONE ............ 10 lbs 5/3/08
WEEK TWO............ 3 lbs 12/3/08
WEEK THREE........ 2 lbs 19/3/08

1ST STONE GONE !!!!!! + 1 lb

WEEK FOUR.......... 3 lbs 26/3/08
WEEK FIVE............ 5 lbs 2/4/08
WEEK SIX............... 3 lbs 9/4/08
WEEK SEVEN......... 1 lb 16/4/08
WEEK EIGHT.......... 4 lbs 23/4/08

2ND STONE GONE !!!!!! + 3 lb

WEEK NINE............. 1 lb 30/4/08
WEEK TEN.............. 4 lb 8/5/08
Size 8 does sound small but I agree with the other posts it depends on your height and build. You will know when you get to what is right for you. I think friends just worry about you and sometimes say these things that seem negative, but they are often just worried for you hun. Good luck :)

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