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Week three and unsure of future


Getting married in July!!
Hi everyone!
I'm starting week 4now. Had my third weigh in today and lost 4lbs which I'm happy with. There is no denying that this diet works in terms of weight loss!!! But man is it tough.

The not eating is very hard but more so I'm finding i just don't have any energy and I'm not myself. I am grumpy and feeling sorry for myself a lot. I'm also taking it out on my fiance some times. I could literally sit on the sofa and have to motivate myself to go to the bathroom sometimes im so unenergitic.

I am deffently going to do it for the next week so that ill have been on it a month and should have 22lbs gone, taking me down to 13 stone 9lbs. I want to be down to 11 stone or below by july 2011 for my wedding.

I know that every diet is hard and that its worth it to loose weight but has anyone any advice cos I'm really finding that lipotrim is effecting my life maybe too much.

The lady in the pharmacy was saying that after next week i could refeed and go on to maintence, having two shakes and 1 meal a day and i should still loose some weight. Does anyone have any experience of this?? Would this be better than weight watchers? ( which iv done before) or maybe i could do low gi/ gl. Any tips and help would be gratefully appreciated.

Also i found the first week and a half really hard so i know if i come off it'll be hard to go back and do it again any time soon. If i reach breaking point (which im very near) is there any way of having even just one meal while on tfr??? I think that this might help if i could have even one meal after next week. Cos i know that if i come off it ill soon be bored with food and probably wish i never came off. If this is possible how does it work?

Any and all help is very much appreciated no matter how small. Thanks!!
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ah i totally understand, as does everybody here.... why dont you just take it day at a time, you dont have to decide now if you come off it in a week. by next weeks trip to the pharmacist you may be feelin on top of the world and totally settled with it, if so just buy another weeks worth... of course if your not then look at another diet that you can eat on... just think, are you strong enough to stick to a food diet though and not cheat and go off the rails, if you are determined and will power is fully charged then go for it, if you know in your heart of hearts that you are not strong enough then deprivation and TFR is the way to go... In one way the TFR diet is the easiest in the world to follow as its so strict, but also the worst... Its only you that can decide whats best for you... just be true to yourself... keep us posted, all the best.. x
You are in the same week as me... Just a few days behind

I have been very low but I'm pulling through if now...

Stay strong, and one day at a time xx


Getting married in July!!
I agree with what yous saying about it being the easiest in one way cos u dont have to think about what u can and cant eat, you know ya just cant have anything. The thoughts of going back to counting kcal/points etc is daunting. Im afraid the temptation might be to much and i wouldnt actually loose any more weight.

Its such a tough one. It'll b interesting to see what people think of my pleight and what ideas they come up with re a meal, refeeding, maintence and other diets and how much they think i can loose on them. And also if anyone else is feeling lazy and grumpy. (i am having all my water and shakes)

Thank you master.
Diffusername I think I know what you mean. I don't really feel like myself just now either, its like I can't get too excited about losing weight although I know that I should be so happy. Its one of the reasons I post those fun threads as other peoples positive posts do help me. I get lots of pleasure from food and I'm not getting that just now so am I more stressed and feeling a sort of loss? All I know is I do want to be slim mentally I just can't feel it emotionally a lot of the time. I hope to wake up soon and appreciate this.
I don't want to influence what you decide to do, i'll just give my own experience. I did Lipotrim about a year ago, and I was in week 3/4 when I felt the exact same way that your describing, I was cranky, and moody and feeling so sorry for myself. I decided that I could do the dieting on my own, my mindset being that if I could do a TFR then I could be controlled enough with my eating. The first meal I had was chicken, and once that passed my lips, i had an immediate feeling of regret and guilt, this led to me continuing to eat and gain back weight quickly. I then went to weightwatchers, and lost 5lb, the temptation to eat was strong and there weren't enough boundaries for me, so i left. I joined slimming world and despite sticking 100% i lost 1lb and was so demoralised that I never returned. This led to me realising that TFR and LT was the only thing that could really help me to change my eating habits, so I tried again, and just couldn't get passed day 2, the temption to 'just start again tomorro' was too strong. Until recently when i had my 24th birthday and realised i'd wasted 2 years umming and ahhing but never really making any progress. I got my head straight and i'm 2 weeks in. Giving up was the worst decision I made, and I wish I never had. Please please think about it really carefully before you make that decision to eat. We can get overwhelmed with the diet and convince ourselves that we need to eat, we don't. Its extreme, but you had to have felt you needed that extreme change in your life to take on TFR in the first place. Think of all the positive feelings you've had about yourself lately. The choice really is up to you, and whatever you decide it really will be right for you. I just don't want any one making my mistakes.
First of all I just want to say I agree with everything missy posted above.

My experience for what its worth....

I started LT in April and around week 3 I felt the exact same way as you do now. I thought "hey I can do this by eating sensibly" etc. Then I had a good chat with myself and thought I will just go weigh in to weigh in and decide on a week to week basis if I was going to continue on TFR. This was my life saver. It felt so freeing not to have a time limit on how long I was going to stay on it. I stayed 100% for 3 months and managed to lose 5st.

Then in July I had to come off for medical reasons and maintained the weight loss. Here I am 6 weeks later for round 2. I am only staying on til end of Sept as I have a few occasions in Oct. I am finding it much tougher to get back into the swing of it after 6 weeks off.

My advise is take it week to week. You have ages to go before your wedding. So there is no pressure on you in that sense. Just say to yourself I'll stay on for one more week and see how you feel.

Also I have a theory that in week 3 your body gives out signals to you to make you eat. It like its last attempt to get food. Honestly loads of people struggle in week 3. Keep strong honey and you will be so glad you did.

Niamh xxx


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
You are most definitely not alone with your frustrations hun.

The things I feel on this diet are impatience, lethargy, envy, sorrow.
Sometimes I feel like a dog that sits staring whilst it's owner eats. I get so sad sometimes that I can't eat but then I suddenly snap back to reality that there is a reason why I can't eat and that it isn't permanent.

I get impatient that I'm not at goal weight yet.

I get frustrated that I can't join in with my family when they're eating, it leaves me feeling a bit separated.

I get tired also, sometimes I have to get my fiance to make my shakes because I feel that unless he makes it, I wont be able to prise myself up to make them.

But the results are worth it, it'll be a long hard slog but it'll be worth it.

So definitely know how you feel and to be honest, only you can make the decision to keep going or not, but we're on the forum to help each other out the best we can and even if you feel like you need to be here 24/7 for help and advice, people will always be here for you to help you out because we're all in the same boat.

I hope you do decide to stay because the longer you stay on it, the better you will feel. I was on it 13 weeks last year and it was rubbish for a few weeks, felt really low, but eventually, I picked up and felt a lot better.

Your doing sooooo well nd kept me sane this week! To be honest I have been having similar thoughts and expwriences. I have been such a grumpy moo this past few days. I think its because iwant to start eating again but i also dont want to give in. I'm a 'little' 5ft1" lady so am aware of every little half pound counting, so remember that every day you manage to stick at it the better you will feel bout you4self. Whilst I amdesperate to eat again I also dnt want to. I was thinking of sticking to day 1 of refeed for a week but not to9 sure if that will @tuff up my system. Hmm. I like you am not aure i could go back on tfr soon after this experience. I did it bout two years ago and kept loos8ng weight for a good few months afterwards. I also went off chocolate and kept the weight off until a few mon5hs ago! Let us know what you do.


Getting married in July!!
Hi everyone!!!! I cant Thank you enough for your posts!!! I haven't been on here too much this week because I was trying not to think of what I was doing and just but my help down and get on with it; a few times i did come on and reread your posts though!!! they kept me strong and on track.

I've finished week four now and i've lost one stone 9lbs so im thrilled!! you would never get that weight loss on any other diet. its so consistant and it just keeps coming!

I think now that i have gotten over the first month i am much more relaxed. I don't feel any pressure any more because Ive made it a whole month so whatever happens now I'll still feel like a sucess. I have my next week of supplies and at the minute I dont see any reason why i wont be picking up another weeks supply next week. the first three weeks i found very though. i was constantly in tourmmoile but this past week i was really in the swing of it. i started getting a bit more energy, wasnt starving for the shakes any more, havnt been craving food so much and am all around pretty damn happy with it!! its exciting knowing that i'll probally loose about 4lbs a week. that thought keeps me going. Thankfully i havent been so grumpy and moody this week!!!!! or at least the good mood has lasted longer!! which is brilliant because the emotional side of this diet was really tough for me, but it all seems to be falling into place now.

missy3 i think your right, i know that, like you as soon as food passed my lips i would regret it and it would be a total disaster. i need to loose a good bit more before i could ever think about going it alone.

Nick your totally right about it being easy in one way because we have totally no decisions to make about food. i think this is great because i know i would be too easily tempted and eat at special occasions or nip my fiance's nice food.

Amanda thats cool that we're in the same week!! it'd be great to have a diet buddy. how r u getting on?

size10- i totaly relate to what your saying about mental vs emotional weight loss. mentally i really want to be skinny but sometimes i just cant visualise it and the little devil in my keeps tell me that its just not me and i never will be. but i just get up and do something to distract myself from these thoughts cos i, like you, mentally am ready to take control and just do it.

Niamh i think you could be right about your body sending out signals in week three cos i know i totally had them!! but none in week four. woho!!

and last but by diffently no means least abbie- oh my god abbie i actually could have wrote your post!!!! we are the exact same!! i even read your post out to my fiance and he was so glad that i knew there was someone else like me. i too get hime to make my shakes in the evening when he comes in because sometimes i just cant motivated. your doing super fab!!!!

xxx sorry this is such a long post but i cant even express how much each of you helped myy this week and no doubt helped to change my life!!!! thankyou soooooooo much!!!! xxx
I'm so happy you have decided to stay on LT

I've felt much better this week. And you seem like your doing better than me, as I'm always starving lol

good luck for this following week xx
Well done for sticking at it :) your doing great xx
Well done - and your weight loss is amazing - which is the thing that keeps us going! (If you are tempted by other diets, first of all ask yourself the question if they work for you. I am on LT because nothing else has ever worked and I suspect it is the same for many others on it too). Good luck - day at a time is deffo the best advice!

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