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Week3 weigh in

My weigh in this week was better than i thought it would be,3lbs off :). Considering i hadn't shed so much as an ounce up till thursday!

I was left feeling very annoyed though at my chemist . The usual lady wasn't there so i was left in the hands of someone who knows nothing what so ever about lipotrim.
After i had been weighed, this person said to me " can you think of any reason why you over eat or why you are FAT" When i replied id never really lost my weight from having the kids ,the guy laughed and said " oh yes.blame it on your kids!" He then went on to tell me that it was no good doing lipotrim without excersie and the 3x45min workouts i usualy do each week weren't enough,i needed to excersie more!

So eventhough i was happy to begin with about my minor 3lb loss,i walked out of that chemist feeling extremely annoyed.
I actually think a 17lbs loss in 3 weeks is rather good :)
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my chemist makes me laugh , they don't do anything apart from weigh me each week,they're only interested in the £36 going in the till every week.. The guy today didnt have a clue what to do,i had to tell him lol
if there was another chemist local to me that did lipotrim, id cange ,but sadly there isnt :(
Hey o ! :)

Thornhill Cate

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What an a***hole! While I think that it's good to try and get into the habit of exercising for health for when we finish, I'd have thought that your 3x45 mins sessions were enough for that. Exercising for losing weight does contribute, but it depends on what exercise you're doing to what intensity. Some exercise, while good for the heart, will have a virtually negligible effect on weight loss because you just don't burn enough calories doing it. To put it into context, a 5'6" woman aged 35 and weighing 10 stone would burn 411 calories per hour jogging at 5mph while the same woman walking at 3.5mph will burn just 176 cals per hour and if she taught an hour long aerobics class would burn 294 calories. As you need to burn 3,500 calories to burn just one pound of fat then you can see how unhelpful the whole 'exercise to lose weight' argument is, unless you can afford to spend several hours a day a few days a week on an ongoing basis doing it and how realistic is that? Don't get me wrong, I do believe that it's good to get into good habits now that help you burn more calories on a daily basis but that jumped up little twerp should keep his mouth shut as he obviously has no idea what he's talking about. BTW, since starting LT almost 6 weeks ago tomorrow, I have done ONE 20 minute session on my rebounder. It's sitting here looking at me now and I keep promising myself that I'll start doing 20 mins per day, for the sake of my cardiovascular health, but I can never get my 7 year old off it. Well that's my excuse.
well i thought i had heard somewhere that excercise didnt make a difference but wasn't 100% sure. The main reason i do it is because im worried about sagging skin. Although read that the water helps with that ,not sure how true that is either .
Bring on week 4!! :)
What an ape dont take any notice girl..keep doing what you are doing and you will get your results..keep up the good work x
It's a shame to read about things like this because it could so easily throw you off.
You have done brilliant so far Suzanne...keep up the good work and hope you get your usual person next week.
My pharmacist and all the staff in the chemist i go to are all lovely and have been totally supportive and helpful to me. Shame they are not all the same!
This is hard enough without being treated like you were xx
Say to him '' take the money you a******e and make me feel good about myself or i'll send my buddies round''
Say to him '' take the money you a******e and make me feel good about myself or i'll send my buddies round''
that made me laugh , thanks xx

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