Weekend binging...


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Started Slimming World so well - lost 2.5kg in my first two weeks (nearly 5lbs, really good!). Then had a really quiet weekend and after two weeks of being good and not really craving junk I've stuffed myself all weekend. I didn't even really want all the food today - I can't understand why I did it. I'm scared to weigh myself tomorrow now. What if I've put the 2.5kg back on over the weekend? What's wrong with me that I had to binge like that?
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Aww hun, you're only human remember.

If you know this is going to happen at weekends, try and plan against it, e.g. make a big crispy jacket potato and beans to munch on.

Draw a line under it and get back on plan. xx


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What Lou said:D We've all done it. At least you still want to get back on plan which is great.:4616:


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i do this all the time so i try do damage limitation by having syn free weeks that way if i go a bit off track i can add up my syns and there still even XXX dont worry too much about it.


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Hi London

Ok rule of thumb here... don't beat yourself up... what is done is done.

But now that you know that you have done this once you know what to do when you feel the urge next time.

As Lou said... have something ready.. so the idea is to plan your meals ahead and stick to it... make sure you have plenty of free food around... when it says fee doesn't just mean munch on a carrot... make some of your own dips they are great... it will also con your mind into thinking you are cheating and the body will go ooooo you are naughty.

Your body is used to a way of eating and you are training your body and brain to eat another way and to conquer this isn't an easy thing... but CAN be done.... darn willpower.

So.... plan food ahead... keep yourself busy and have lots of free stuff at hand to stuff yourself with.

Good luck