Weekend Break

Derek c

Hi folks
Looking for some advice,
Currently on the sole source diet and doing fine however, i will be going to london at the start of December for my companyies Xmas dance and want to eat and drink normally although with a mind on keeping it healthy.
Should i come of the sole source diet a couple of days early to get food etc into my system or do the diet right up to the last meal possible.
Obviously i hope to return to the diet as soon as i get back home.
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I would probably do 810 for a couple of days then 1000 the day before as you will probably want a few drinks too and you dont want to be ill after, hope you have a lovely time.x


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Hi derek, i'm no expert but when i planned for a wedding party which i went to last Friday, my CDC advised doing SS+ for 2 days prior and it worked out well for me, i didn't binge drink or anything and found i couldn't actually eat much of the food in front of me anyway. got straight back to SS the next day (was hard though!). Good luck with whatever you decide!



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If you are going to be drinking alcohol you need to be out of ketosis so need to do a higher plan the ss+.xx


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You'll be fine I'm sure, by going up the plans and getting straight back to it the morning after. Good luck.


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As said before watch ketosis and alcohol, they really don't mix, I know some people seem to manage it but I ignored the advice I read on here and was v ill :( Not while i was drinking but later that night and for 2 days after.

Good luck and have a lovely weekend.

Sarah x