Weekend in London


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Hi I am going to London for a weekend in the next few weeks. I have a theatre trip on the Friday and just been out and about on the Saturday. I dont want to over do it but want to treat myself at the same time. Any ideas how I can try be good while I am there?
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Have you got breakfast in your hotel? You could ask for poached eggs, beans and mushrooms.

For lunch, Garfunkel's restaurants have salad bars, so you could ask for a piece of steak, half a roast chicken (and remove the skin) or a piece of gammon and have the salad bar.

I would save my syns and have a lovely meal in the evening.

Enjoy, I love London!


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I was about to put this exact same message on!! Im going to London for a long weekend this weekend (5 days altogether) am dead excited but hope I can be good!

Until I go I am going to stick to the plan and be an angel :) and when I'm there I will be doing a lot of walking!! Ive never heard of Garfunkles I will google it. Im also gonna take fruit, yogurts, alpen lights with me for snacking on!!

Any other tips? XX


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I live in London and it is easy to eat SW style.If you go to Edgware Rd,just a walk up from Marble Arch,there are numerous Lebanese Restaurants fir instance Maroush.Here you can eat a lovely shish kebab and salad.There are many Turkish restaurants in london too.Also great for fresh,plain grilled meats and salad.Huge delicious salad.Ask for salad with no oil,and just lemon juice.Then there are Pizza Express,Ask Pizza,Pizza hut,all with salad bars.
I am off into London for a day out with a friend and we are going to have a Lebanese lunch.
Good luck and hope you find it all wonderful!
Maroush Restaurants

http://www.timeout.com/london/restaurants/venue/2:1224/patogh This is an amazing little place.Looks like a real dive but the food is yummy,cheap and cheerful!(Iranian grills and salads).

PizzaExpress Restaurants

Welcome | Garfunkel's Restaurants

Now I given away my secrets!!!!:))))


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Thanks for your help I will look those places up :) damn now I have too many choices he he xx