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weekend in london!!!



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Don't worry too much.... London is such a foody place that if you're eating on the run and someone suggests a fast food place there is always nearly a healthy alternative near by!

Where abouts will you be going? What kind of fast food places will you be most likely to end up in?
we are right in the centre near the eye,i dont know london so i dont know what kind of places there is


Is so very nearly there!
Well you have everything!! You can be good - its easy. London is so versatile!! Depends whether you wanna pay for it tho but a lot of independant outlets do the jacket pots and salads etc etc!
Im sure you can manage to find summat.
Try and avoid ya KFC McDs and the likes even pizzas!
You will be ok huni :)


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As Claire said there is everything!

Italian: go for pasta with a tomato based sauce as this will reduce the syn intake

Chinese: Noddle bars... chow mein is low in syns compared to everything else.

Most places do Jacket Pot's with fillings.... beans will make the whole thing free no matter how big it looks.

Thai: again noodles are available here

Indian: I've not had an indian yet but I guess these would be high syn value whatever you ate. If you go for this have a flexi syn day and just get back on track the day after.

Sandwich places: most do salads which would be better than having bread. If you do have bread though and still have a HexB then you can minus 6 syns from the sandwich total if you have brown bread.

Take your SW book in your handbag and have a sneaky peak whist waiting to order but don't stress if you can't find anything on the menu. Just go whatever you fancy but try and work ou the syns and count.
i live and work in London - theres plenty of healthy places to eat! :)

You could do sushi - or have a miso soup

jacket potatos are served pretty much everywhere, so are salads.

like someone else suggested have tomato based pasta :)


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Tossed - London’s top healthy eating venue. Salads, smoothies, sandwiches and soups - amazing but pricey place. You can have a house salad or make your own (this is where it can be expensive) They have one in Paddington, Covent Garden and Notting Hill

Also sometimes it is quicker to walk between tube stops than it is to get the tube... people just don't realise how close places are. Map of walking times between tube stations « thinkwhere has a god map. If you have a street map of London that's all you will need (along with the above printed out) to get some excersice and maybe see ore of London.
at the South Bank just along from the eye there is a Giraffe restaurant, i went a while ago and all was really healthy and reasonably priced..i think they've got a website

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