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weekend support

hi, i dont know if its just me but i am sooo good during the week but by a saturday night one drink turns into 6 or 7 and my will power doesnt just fade it completely vanishes until the monday morning, i get tipsy and just dont care what i put in my mouth, i order take away and if thats not enough i eat crisps chocolate, literally anything i can get my hands on. and i enjoy it. then the next day i feel guilty and ashamed of myself but cant stick to it cos feel so down so end up doing a half hearted attempt at sticking toplan, byt monday i have put 2 pounds on and am desperately trying to back track by tuesday night. i have literally lost nothing for weeks, i lose and then i gain, i am stuck in a rut. i know what i need to do, i need to stop having a drink but i think i dont say no cos sub consciously i enjoy my guilt free binge. but i am so sick of being this weight. i really really want to stop drinking until ive got this weight off but all my social events involve drink and i love a drink, i just find this the hardest thing to give up. i was so so motivated last week but screwed it up again. sick of feeling like a failure and want to set up a thread for people like me or for anyone who has any advice for people like me, whove been there and got through it. i hope im not alone :(
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Slow and steady...
I drink every other weekend. It's fine to do that but you have to give yourself some limits throughout the week to make sure you don't do your weight loss any damage.

If you are going out drinking then limit yourself to 5 syns a day every day for the rest of the week. This way you can have nearly 80syns worth of alcohol and still be on plan (not the most healthy of things but never mind).

Make sure you've planned your meals for the next day AND that you have some syn free munchies in the fridge for when your feeling hungover. Once you get used to bouncing straight back on plan it gets easy. For instance after drinking I always have me HEB toast the next morning as I like toast when i'm hungover.

It's all about planning and wanting to lose weight. If you want to lose the weight you'll find ways to cope with a social life and weight loss.

Hi Lou,

Im not much of a drinker, but I am one of those people that can get stuck in a rut, and I find if I have a bad meal, it turns into a bad day, then a bad week, and before I know it, its a bad month. The key is to break the cycle, and not get so guilty about things. Like Stackhead said, limit yourself during the week, plan ahead and make sure you have plenty of syn-free snacks ready.

You could cook a smash base pizza, or a pitta pizza, so its ready to just warm up. Prepare SW chips, so you can just chuck em in the oven. Or prepare a little SW spread for you for when you get home. Ryvita mini's are a HEB and are just like crisps. Go through your book again, pick out some of your favourite things and just plan plan plan...it really is the key!!

Learn to forgive yourself, and just be ready to jump back into the plan straight after x x x x


Slow and steady...
thanks, i am good in the week and try to limit my syns but it feels like a constant battle between week and weekend. i crave cheese burgers when hung over, i might make my own and have them. i love take away so much and its hard to resist when tired and hungover!! i know its me whos sabotaging myself and im really struggling to overcome it
Thats exactly what I mean when I said it's all about planning. If you crave cheese burgers then make sure you've got some SW alternatives on hand.
You just have to find a way to get yourself back on track afterwards and it's hard, I haven't perfected it yet, but mind over matter is the key here.

I know exactly how you feel, although I don't drink that much anymore due to having a 19 month old toddler and go out once every few months! Anyway, I used to do SW around 10 years ago and I went out every Saturday night. I used to limit myself to 5 drinks - spirts with diet coke. I also used to have no syns the day before. When my friends were at the late night takeaway ordering burgers, I had a banana and apple in my coat pocket and used to order a salad box with no dressing.

I actually went out Saturday night for the 1st time in ages and I was originally going to drive thinking about my syns but decided that as I hardly go out anymore wanted to drink and enjoy myself. (I am one of these people who has to drink if going clubbing- noway go clubbing sober!) So didn't have any syns on Friday and no syns on Sunday and Saturday night had 6 drinks (spirt with diet coke) I weigh in on Wednesday so really hope I haven't gained!

So maybe you could try that - what drinks do you have when you go out? I love pints of stongbow black but I know that is a big no no so just having the shorts as I know I can still drink without the huge syn value. As people said, maybe make a smash pizza or have quorn burgers ready for when you get home? Maybe order the salad in the takeaway and then pick at that until you get home and have the quorn burger and a wholemeal roll (could use hex).

Good Luck, just wanted to say I know how you feel and happy to join you or a weekend drinking thread if you started one to support you.

Anna xx
As the other girls have said be prepared with syn free snacks, its not guilt free as you feel so bad when you weigh in. If you need to change gently order the takeaway but get a chinese like chicken in blackbean sauce with boiled rice or chicken tikka kebab on pitta. Perhaps if this is happening every weekend you could flexi syn your sat nights to start with to control it. Work out how many syns for your drinks, takeaway and say a bag of crisps or choc bar and allow yourself to have this but only this. Then when you get up the next day get back on track. You might not loose but it could help you stay the same so its stops the cycle.
thanks so much for all your lovely replies. the thing is im great at giving advice to other people and know what i should do but doing it after a few drinks is a different thing all together. i cant just have 4 or 5 drinks i will have more like 10-15, i cant just have a bit of something i have to have it all. i do everything to excess in my life, and i dont understand why, its frustrating. i am going to mil this weekend but have seen her tonight and said i dont want to drink wine cos i just get too drunk and eat too much she does ww so knows the score and said we will just have a couple of gin and tonic which is fine as i can literally only drink a couple of these anyway and if theres nothing else there temptation is out of the way. i lost half a pound tonight despite my heavy weekend so pleased about that massively. i must have been better around it than i thought. i have tried flexi syns but as soon as i get drunk i cant remember how many ive had, ive tried puttig a straw in my bag for each drink but i forget after so long or end up tipping them out hahaha. i dont drink as much as my friends but i just have a low tolerance i think. ill just have to keep trying every week.
if it was me I would just bin Sat night SW, eat on plan all week, all day sat then back on it on sun morning, let sat night go, enjoy yourself and, as was said before, learn to forgive yourself.

Seems to me like you can stay on plan until you go out then can't get back on cos you think you've ruined it. Its probably the sunday, monday and tuesday thats ruining it rather than the sat night.

don't throw half your week away jsut because you like a binge one night a week.

how about changing your weigh day to fri or sat so then you have the rest of the week to recover it. Me and my DH often go out for a lush 3 course meal with wine after weigh in but it doesn't make much difference to WI the next week.

good luck you can do it xx
My consultant once sent me a text that said....

"if you were given 7 beautiful red roses, and 1 died, you wouldn't throw all 7 away, you would just get rid of the 1 dead one, and carry on enjoying the 6 remaining beautiful ones".

Hence, if you have one bad day, just disregard that one day, and make the remaining ones as best and beautiful as you can!!
thanks guys, i tend to be good on a monday and tuesday before weigh in but sat and sunday i feel like its an uphill struggle to stay 'good' and i think if i just relaxed about it i probably wouldnt be half as bad as i am when trying to stop myself having normal things like a glass of wine. i seem to get into the mind set of oh well ive blown it now so i may aswell have that full bottle and a take away and then sunday the guilt kicks in and i just thinkwhats the point.next week i have an operation which has been on my mind for a few weeks now, ive not been very well and this is making dieting increasingly difficult. i have had to book a holiday for next week as i just wont be in any fit state to go to group and at the minute im struggling through each day, i should gradually feel better after my op and hopefully will get back on track but at the minute lifes quite hard and i suppose my weekend is about the only pleasure i get, which is why i find it hard to say no!

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