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Weekends.....anyone else dread them like me????


Loves life......
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Just wondered how you all cope with the dreaded weekends as I struggle on every single one. The working week for me is a breeze but the weekends are my bugbear. Week days I prepare one meal for the family and place on table and run and hide in lounge. Weekends in our house I cook breakfast and either sat or sun it is the works, then usually a late lunch and a late tea all cooked/prepared by moi......and I struggle.........not because I want it really but because I have to look at it, prepare it then hand it to someone else....lol...........I begrudge it but dont wanna be this horrible wife/mum and change our routine................How does everyone else cope ? Am I being unreasonable? Any tips?

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Hiya Sandy
Yes, i struggle with weekends too. I still cook for my OH and just like you, on Sat & Sun breakfast is the works. I don't begrudge him having it, but when you've got to cook it and then hand it over - yes, it is bloody hard!!

I don't want to give in and give him the satisfaction of saying (more or less) of I told you so. At the moment my resolve is pretty strong.

And i know, when i go back to "eating", i can't go back and eat the way I used too, so I suppose the full works at breakfast time is either going to be a mega treat or extremely healthy!

You are not being unreasonable - its completely natural to feel the way you do. I do like hearing that the meal was delicious, so i suppose that gives me some pleasure, but I don't like him going on about it too much... lol (I think he can tell by the look on my face when to shut up!)

I just think of the greater good - me being slim and losing a shedload of weight!! Yippee!!!

Take care and keep up the good work!!
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I suppose I look at it another way.

Over the past few weeks I have taken great pleasure in being able to carry on with my normal weekend routine, went to the takeaway on friday night to fetch the wife fish and chips, didnt bother me in the slightest. Went out for lunch with the family on Saturday and sat and had a bar while they had their lunch no problem and then cooked a big roast dinner for sunday lunch which they all enjoyed while I had some soup.

My motivation through all of this is that I am choosing not to eat at the moment as I am on a very strict diet that consists of my shakes, soups and bars. I do not resent the rest of the family their food even though I know I would enjoy it if I was eating along with them.

I take great pleasure in looking at my weight loss ticker and thinking that is why I am doing this. This is such a short period of my life to be doing this so yes I can and will get through times when I would eat as normal. I have the rest of my life as a new and thinner me to eat what the family is eating.

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Fatboyslimming, fantastic post. That's the best attitude to have during this journey. It is our choice and those foods will still be there for us one day. Well done you.

I love my weekends but yes they are a little tougher than during the week. Altho my struggle times lately have been evenings. However I don't have kids and luckily my oh has been cooking for himself. We both like cooking so have been looking after ourselves fo this short time.

I don't envy you having to cook for the family altho surrounding yourself in others eating is more realistic. I decided (i've posted this before :) ) early on that I would surround myself in others eating, being out and about with foodie smells and staying in the same room when oh was eating. I actually foud it comforting at the start.

Sorry you're finding it a bit tough. Just think of your goals hun xxx


Loves life......
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LV30 thanks for your comments and support.x

Fbs I think you are right maybe I need to change my mindset a bit....perhaps because I am on wk 9 it is wearing a bit thin and need to check myself a bit as it is not the family's fault as I decided to go on the diet. They have no clue I feel like this and to be honest it is not all the time just maybe when I feel a bit soz for myself.....thanks for your view it has made me think a bit.

Sunshine singer thanks for your support and without being on here think I would be on the fat road again.....lol.....have a fab weekend all .....x

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Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
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Sandypops we started CD a week apart. I've found the last 2 weeks really tough with more foodie thoughts than ever. I feel more motivated today tho at last. We can do this hunxxx


Loves life......
S: 13st12lb C: 13st7lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 0st5lb(2.58%)

Yep I am struggling I guess and need a good kick. I am doing ss+ which I have to say is better for me and not cheated outside that but really really want to......gotta keep strong. My upcoming 2wk holiday will be the real test so I am hoping I dont lose it and not make the healthy choices but hey it is up to me I guess...........Thanks for the support and you are doing fab..........x

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