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Weekends are SO hard! 35 pounds to lose....

Hi All,

I re-joined WW about 4 weeks ago having put on about 2 stone (28 pounds) over the last year. I know it works as I have done it before! In the first few weeks i have only lost 7 pounds and I know that's because of weekends!!! I am so good in work all week but once the weekend hits, i find it SO hard to stay on track!

Anyone have any advice for me?

Also, if i really go hard, how much do people think i could lose in 6 weeks? I'd love to get into a bikini for my France holiday in mid June!

Let me know who you are and what you think!

PS: This is my first post! I don't know how to do any of the fancy things that everyone has on their profiles/signatures!!!
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Serial Foodie!
Welcome to minis! Not too sure what to say about weekends to be honest as Im not too great with them either lol. For the weekends, i'd fill your time as much as possible or limit access to foods you are likely to have too much of. I went out this wkend and spread my drinks out by having alternate diet cokes and saving my points for the evening towards a big meal before going out. if you are spending time at home just make sure theres no junk in the house. I find that hard as I have kids but i try to buy things i know they like but i dislike. Ive overdone it on crisps the last week but theres none left in the house now and i wont be replacing them. Its all difficult but having your holiday goal will help you to focus, im sure. I reckon at 2lb a week you could be 12lbs lighter for your hols. good luck xxx
Thanks Karen! Those are good ideas. I have gotten rid of everything bad from the house and replaced with a few packs of WW snacks but not too much!

My other big problem is definitely portion size! My boyfriend is 6'4 and about 17 stone so he can eat loads without putting on much weight! I think sometimes i forget that I'm more than a foot shorter than him!

Definitely agree about keeping weekends busy. I find if i leave myself with nothing to do even for an hour, I'll immediately think of something food related to do!!!

I weigh in on Thursday so hoping i have enough time to rectify the slip ups of the weekend before then!


Serial Foodie!
i know what you mean about portion sizes. whenever i see the national standard portions or suggested portions on things i always think it looks tiny (hence why im fat lol). I just pad everything out with a really large veggie or salad portion so my plate is still full xx

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