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Amen!!! Please someone help? I go to a total shambles ! In someways worse than I was before CC because its a lot more conscious. I can sometimes rein it in if I am not doing much socialising but as soon as seeing friends/eating out/drinking comes into the mix - best intentions go to pot!

I had a horrific one this week, so much greasy pizza - it made me feel really ill and obviously looks like I will gain also. I am just trying to hang onto the uncomfortable feeling I had and make sure I remember that next time I make choices to have junk food. I want to be able to enjoy the weekends and have not-so-healthy stuff now and again and definitely don't want to feel guilty about it but it is totally pointless and disappointing when you have something that just "wasn't worth it".

I am going to try and tackle this weekend (which is another socialising one) by enjoying all my meals out but making sure all the "treats" decisions I make are things I enjoy as I eat them and make sure I stop once I am satisfied and not binge just because its a weekend.

I will definitely keep an eye on this thread to see if anyone else has any tips


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Could you not assign one day over the weekend where you can have one meal - not the day off plan - anything you like.

Then get straight back on it after that meal - if you choose Saturday then whatever comes up Sunday will have to fit around being good! Unless you consume 3500 cals your still be ok!

This is what I tend to do - I have to live and enjoy life too! X


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I am the exact same. End up being overindulgent at weekends,if socialising. Wish I had some good advice but I am at a loss too! I do like mizkirsty's idea though so may give that a bash!!

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I don't particularly struggle with my meals I don't think but rather if I'm pottering about at home I have a tendency to nibble on what's lying about. Or if I'm out grabbing an unhealthy snack. Also I'm going to the Trafford centre tomorrow after work. We will b there at tea time. What do I do????

No gym now till Sunday either. Might b able to squeeze in a session at home sat evening but chances are ill b vegged out on the sofa coz I'm fella n child free.


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lol kiwi


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Happens to me too, mainly on a Sunday with the big roast dinner but if I go on a night out its the drink and then the day after full of bad food! I try and be good when I can and if I'm bad just enjoy it! Life's goin to be full of weekends and I want to enjoy them!!! And if it means only having one of the cupcakes my kids make instead of 7 then so be it!!!


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Oh and not forgetting exercise DVDs are good at weekends if u don't manage the gym!!


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I would say - save a few calories a day maybe 50? that would allow you to have an good meal/drink - also get some execise in - a 1 hour walk at a moderate pace would give you about 300 calories

Plan your weekend - keep the meals that you eat at home low in cals so that you can have a meal out - but choose wisely

I find weekends easier - but then I have two kids - weekends mean no packed lunches...yippee!!