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  1. Xassy

    Xassy Silver Member

    Do you eat them? If so, all of them?

    I've done 3 weeks of WW. Apart from 1 week, I've been full and content with my 31 dailies and free fruit/veg. I would have felt uncomfortably full with my weeklies.

    I was calorie counting before and now (with my PPs and free food), I am eating about the same but if I added the 49 weeklies, I'd be eating a lot more. I see them as useful but is it really necessary to eat them all for the sake of it?
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  3. Featherhat

    Featherhat Full Member

    It really depends on who you ask, a bit like with syns in Slimming World. My current leader says its not necessary and don't force extra points down your throat for the sake of it (which is in line with official WW advice I think) but they're there to be eaten as necessary and you will still be eating at a deficit if you eat all your dailies, weeklies and activity points. No one would want you to scoff chocolate or a plate of chips etc which left you feeling bursting and ill rather than just nicely full. That's the whole point I guess, listening to your body and portion control. I rarely use them all, unless I'm having a meal out or want a special treat. Sometimes I use them to go over my dailies because I want to use the "full fat" version of something with a handful of ingredients rather than the "low fat" version with masses of sugar and a 20 item list of rubbish or healthy oils etc. Then I feel like I've used them in a good cause.

    Others say you must eat a lot of them to be getting the nutrition you need and feel able to treat yourself so you don't fall off the wagon.

    I have to say that I've experienced some of my best weight losses when I've used more of them, but I can't tell if its because I reduced my deficit and exercised or because the last two weeks when I didn't go over much at all are finally showing, it seems to vary. C'est la vie. I have to say a lot of people say they are surprised to loose well after dipping in heavily, but 31 dailies seems a reasonable base anyway. I'm at 26 which means dipping in a couple of points a day is easier.
  4. lauren2244

    lauren2244 Full Member

    I am having this problem as well at the moment.
    Due to my weight I get 40pp a day at the moment which I struggle to make my way through most of the time so don't touch my weeklies but don't want to end up with my weight loss slowing down/stopping when my daily points are reduced and I end up using my weeklies if that makes sense x
  5. rachaelagh

    rachaelagh Member

    I usually find that if I eat all my weeklies I stay the same or lose half pound so I keep them as a safety net if I am going out but eat as few as I can otherwise. I think you need to track your weightloss and see what happens when you eat your weeklies and plan accordingly.
  6. Xassy

    Xassy Silver Member

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I will ask at group tomorrow to see what my leader says and report back on another opinion.
  7. rumpleteazer

    rumpleteazer New Member

    I always use all my weeklies and have lost 1st 9lbs so far... never gained because of using all my weeklies.

    You don't have to use them but I need mine! :D
  8. Xassy

    Xassy Silver Member

    My leader said that weeklies are optional. :) I'm on 30 PPs at the moment and she said that when I drop down, I may find I want them more but they're not mandatory.
  9. Desperately Dieting

    Desperately Dieting Full Member

    I came on specficly to ask this question. I have issues with eating enough points in a day I'm only on 29 but im a load up on fruit for breakfast and lunch kinda gal lol
    I'm half way through the week and I've used 18 weeklys and that was on a planned night out which I wouldn't normally do in a week .

    And I was worried if I DON'T use my weeklies it will effect my losses later on for example when I'm on lower points and start needing my weeklies
  10. Xassy

    Xassy Silver Member

    I've eaten my weeklies as an experiment and I shall see what the scales say tomorrow. I suspect I haven't lost but we'll see!

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