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Weekly week loss

Hi guys

Just out of interest and to keep me on the straight and narrow, please could you tell me what your starting height and weight were and how much weight you've lost weekly on exante please? =) I have lost 11lb on my first week (tomorrow is weigh in) and I'm just panicking I'm not going to lose anymore!!

Would be much appreciated guys and girls!
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11lbs isn't enough? :confused:

Don't judge yourself by what other people are doing, or have done in the past. Just take it as a very rough idea of what is possible. We are all different and it could get very frustrating very quickly if you start comparing and reading too much into the differences.

With that said, I'm around 5'7" and I lost 16lbs in my first week. But I'm a man and we tend to lose it quicker anyway - the weight that is. ;)

You might drop another pound for tomorrow, but either way you have still done extremely well.
Youve lost 11lbs and youre panicing thats all :eek:

Thats a fantastic loss. Theres a hell of a lot of people lost less than that on their first week. Everyone is different, theres really no point in comparing because no matter how much we all lost, youve lost 11lbs, its not going to change because other people lost more or less lol

I think you should accept that youve got an 11lb loss this week and be ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED with it. What other diet would you get that?
Sorry I didn't mean it like that, I'm so happy I've lost 11lb! (and 2 inches off hips and stomach might I add!) I just meant I was panicking I won't lose anymore in subsequent weeks..
Usually when I diet I lose alot in the first week then don't lose any for a few weeks then lose a pound or 2 and it gets really disheartening.. I was really wondering whether it will slow down to like 1-2lbs, 2-3lbs a week?

Sorry for the confusion, I read my post back and it really does sound like I'm moaning that I'd lost 11lb, which I'm not.
Well done on the 11lb loss.

I've tried exante a few times now and I always lose loads the first week then nothing (or very little) the next week and then I give up!
So this time I am not going to be weighing in weekly because that is what causes me to fall off the wagon.

Yep you'll get some weeks where you dont lose or lose very little but just stick with it and you'll get there in the end :D
Sorry that I took your first post the wrong way. :eek:

The first week is always a much bigger loss on a VLCD beause you are losing retained water. Chances are that your loss this week is about 7lbs of water.

From here on it will be a smaller loss and it really does differ from one person to the next. If this is the first VLCD you have done, then you should get better results than your previous efforts.

The main thing to remember is that if you stick to the plan and stay in control of what you eat and drink, you will be getting the best weight loss results possible of any diet. So trust in the process and be safe in the knowledge that it does work, just give it time.
wanted to say 11lb is a fab loss well done on ur first week. ive got my first wi 2moro i knw im gunna be up at crack of dawn lol as ive not peeked at all. :) hope ur 2nd wk goes ok

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