weekly weigh in, week 11


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6lb this week, yipeeeeeeee

could someone please tell me how i update on this page, because i keep starting a new post every week:) .

Thanks xxx
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well done 6 lbs is brilliant susan x
brilliant loss well done
and you see when you post a reply there is a box above the box you wrote in, with the word title in it, i think you put the new week in there, :)
Thanks dizzy. x

I have cut my water down to 3ltrs a day because i am so cold, i am very lazy when it comes to exercising, i just hate it, i have been swimming though just once or twice a week, i do some sort of paddel up and down for 45 mins. x
well done melisssa x
Another 3lb gone,

doing 790 for the next two week before my holidays, just wonder what i will loose, got 4lbs to go for 4 stone, hope i can do it before going away. xx
Lost 1lb, doing the 790 plan, i am doing my own thing now up untill my holidays, i have got 2 weeks cd for when i come back, then its just 2 weeks before christmas, but i will have to get holiday weight off before christmas. xx