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Weekly Weigh In

I haven't been on here for a few days so just catching up with some of the threads. I had my second weekly weigh in today and I have lost 9lbs in total. It was totm this week so I only lost 2lbs but at least it's a loss which I am pleased with. Good luck to everyone this week and hope you all have a lovely weekend.
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Thank you Rach. How are you? I am pleased with the loss because when I weighed earlier in the week I had gained a few lbs. Going back to docs on wed to get weighed.

Thank you Charlotte. I am really enjoying it and haven't really had any bad side effects. I don't feel hungry and can't believe the junk I used to eat. I still enjoy a couple of glasses of wine on the weekends. I am trying to exercise more at the moment but have alot of pain in my leg/hip. If I have been on my feet alot during the day it can sometimes be quite bad in the evening. I enjoy swimming and am trying to make myself go 2/3 times a week. Good luck with your diet.
i have a bit of a dodgy knee but i know loosing weight will help with all the pains ect. i love swimming but there isnt a pool near me :( will have to wait till summer as theres a gym and pool at the top of my street.
Well done on the weightloss hats fantastic Diana :)
Thanks Booboo. Well done on your weight loss this week too.
Thankyou :)

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