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weekly weigh ins and other bits

ok so im back here again... starting cc 3 months ago and had great results lost an average of 11lbs a month.. well last month i started taking xenical and i only lost 7lbs this month so im packing in the pills and going back to basics as i know it works for me..

so glad to be back here :clap:.. now lets hope this month is as good as when i originally started cc.. whoop
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from FAT to FIT
welcome back yumymumywannabe :)

definitely stick with what works.. good plan.. and good luck !
cant believe it... 1st day back to cc got my hr of execise in today and felt great, for my 3 year old to push over a desktop tower right on my big toe ouchhhhhhhhh... god damn it... very bruised and swollen.. hopfully will settle down over night so it dont stop me working out Agghhhhhh..kids grrr
lol.. mine has a habit of climbing on the wii board..which aint so bad unless im doing something involving balance lol.. or when im doing step will stand right behind me.. trying to step on and off and dodge at the same time is abit of a pain
mmm waiting for dinner to finish cooking (anniversary dinner) chicken breast with garlic and herb phili, with salad and new pots yum
2 hr walk today, 479kcals burnt and feeling awesome.. wanna go out again but might be abit mean draggin the kids out in the cold.. will wait an hr till hubby gets home then take the dog back out... hes gonna start thinking its his birthday lol
Lol!! I love walking!! Well done on the 2 hours in the cold! I managed to walk two minutes and then ran back home again hmmm
thanks hunny, today is the 1st day iv walked properly and i love it, dont know why i aint done it before, such a simple source of exercise, i started as i want a 3lb loss on thursdays WI so i hit my 2st mark.. but the way im enjoying it i think it now will be staying in my daily routine, :)
12-14 miles wow... took me 2 hrs to do 2 1/2 miles, but in my defence i had my 3 year old with me and the dog lol... so i was stopping and starting every few mins lol, gonna head out on my own tonight (with the dog) so hopefully will be able to get another mile, maybe 2 done in an hr.. yeah!!! hoping hehe x
Another 2 miles done, whoop!! only took an hr this tonight, due to it being just me and the dog

total kcals burnt today through walking... 744 :)
Whoop whoop!!! Nicely done!!! x
well done!! wat sort of things do u guys eat?x
Been a while since i posted due to being on my death bed sick.. well it felt like i was on my death bed, starting to feel back to normel. hopfully a few days and ill be back 100%.. ANYWAY.. no escaping todays weigh in and im glad i didnt... lost 7lbs whoop!.. compleated my xmas challange and even surpassed it... really looking forward to the next week and giving it 110% as if i can lose 5lbs before xmas day ill hit my total 3st overall loss, and that would be awesome.. cause i really want family to notice iv lost weight, and i still cant see it, my clothes are looser but i cant see any differance in my body.. hubby says i wont really as i see me every day lol, but after loosing nearly 3 stone i thought there would be something id see, Hmmm im sure it will come :)

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