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Weekly weight gain

Hi, I need help please! My entire family - and some friends - have lost weight really easily and successfully with SW (varying red and green days). After Christmas I had a 'few' extra pounds to lose and decided to give it a go. I only lost a pound on the first week and since then I've been gaining weight week-by-week (I'm now 5lb heavier than when I started!). I follow the plan religiously, I haven't had chocolate or alcohol for 6 weeks, but I am eating so much more food than I used to. I have free, superfree, healthy extras, syns (only 5.5 per day) etc. I think my weight gain's because I used to have a pretty bland, very low calorie diet - I had little interest in food. How things have changed!! I'm loving all the food I can eat but getting bigger and bigger. However, I've been assured that the amount of food I'm eating is irrelevant as SW is all about combination (which I've apparently got spot-on). I've been told to persevere (by my family) until my body "gets used to it". Surely a lot more calories = a lot more weight???? Help!
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what does your consultant say - are you doing a food diary on here?

i dont know why its not working for you, if you are doing it 100%?

best of luck - you must be frustrated.....i think if you put a food diary up on here we might be able to help you - ?

Thanks Elle. I'm not actually going to classes, or keeping a food diary (except for in my head) - maybe that's where I'm going wrong? I'm convinced it's the amount of calories I'm having as I've gone from very few calories a day to almost double! ;)


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Start writing down your food diary and we can all help you - it may be you have missed something on the plan!?

Start one now in the Food diary section and i will keep my eye on it for you xxx


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However, I've been assured that the amount of food I'm eating is irrelevant as SW is all about combination
I'm afraid this isn't true, mate

SW is not a combination diet. It is essentially a calorie restrictive diet that cuts out the 'counting' by allowing you to decide the amounts of free food your body needs. It allows you to fill up on foods which are more likely to satisfy hunger- but you should stop at the point you are satisfied.

A lot of people misunderstand the diet and think it is a kind of magical combination of certain elements that make you lose weight when eaten in certain quantities- it's not.

Perhaps try a spell of listening to your body and responding with eating when hungry and stopping when full (easier than it sounds)

Good luck
Food diary 9th March

Breakfast: 2 x Wheetabix (with HEa milk)

Snacks: apple, pear, 4 x plums, 1 x strawberry muller light

Lunch: Vff cottage cheese salad with fat free french dressing.

The above is what I've had up to now. I usually have 2 x alpen light bars as my other HEb. Dinner tonight will be a stir fry (dry fried) with quorn chicken pieces and kidney beans and I'll probably have another yoghurt later. Oh, and a Cadbury Highlight hot choc and a couple of dark rye ryvitas for my syns. Other syns are 3 packs Wrigleys Extra gum, which I believe is 3 sins. I used to chew Orbit till I realised there were 7 syns in a pack and I was having over 20 syns per day! (I chew a lot). Typically, that was the week I lost a pound...

Can anyone see where I'm going wrong please? Thank you, thank you! xx

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What day are you on Hun???
You dont really seem to have much fruit and veg in with this lot to speed things up a bit.
I would suggest you keep a food diary regularly on here so that we can have a look at your food intake daily. I would also suggest you have a look at the other diaries on here to give you some ideas so that you can vary your food. Sometimes if we stick to the same things our bodies get used to the same things.
Hi, I'm on a green day today (I try to alternate as best I can), usually I'd be having pasta or rice tonight with the quorn chicken in a tomato sauce but I'm just feeling so bloated and horrid so I thought I'd try a stir fry :(. I'm losing my determination to persevere! Red days are the days I eat tons of veg, I love the stuff, luckily for me. Red day tomorrow.

Thanks everyone for your help.


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I think you need to do a full few days and we can all help you then - start a food diary in the top section of this forum called 'Food Diaries' and we will all help you out xx make sure you put what you are using as you HEA and HEB, how much of each food you are having and your syns! xxx


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On the face of it it looks okay but your sugar free gum is ½ syn for 4 pellets. I don't have chewing gum so I don't know if this adds up to the 3 syns for 3 packs you mention. What were you eating before? If you were on a very low calorie diet before then it could well be that you body is just adjusting to eating properly again. And you haven't put any stats in your profile but if you don't have very much to lose then as the others have said you do need to exercise some portion control.

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