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Weeks Diet food sorted!


Hi everyone,

So for most of the day yesterday and today I have been trying to work out what I can eat which will be quick, cheap and tasty.

I have to give thanks to rooie who gave me plenty of ideas - infact I think I've kind of stolen the whole thing!

This is the basis for every day. I'm keeping it the same because I'm quite happy with the same thing every day. Breakfast lunch and snacks will be the same every day. Only dinner will change.

Breakfast - Natural yogurt, muesli, half a pink grapefruit

Lunch - Tesco Lighter Choices Soup and wholemeal bread roll

Snack - Orange, banana, dried cranberries

Dinner will be either a £1 Lighter Choices meal or a quick to cook meal of pretty much whatever (dependant on whether I have been to gym or not after work).

My gym doesn't open for about a month so I think I will do Jillian's 30 day shred starting on Wednesday - wish me luck on that!

If you have any thoughts on my menu, please let me know.

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Hi :)

Your menu looks good to me :) I like the Tesco Lighter Choices meals too..... the only thing I'd say is they are quite small so I tend to bulk them out with veg. I get one of the large mixed bags and they do me for about 3 meals, only takes 10 mins to steam while the dinner is cooking :)

Make sure you drink plenty of water too, at least 2lt a day, it really makes a difference. I have mine with sugar free squash because I can't stand plain water!

Good luck :)
Your meals look great. I'm glad that my diary was an inspiration!

I agree with MaisieMoodle, lots of water is a must. I don't tend to write down what I drink in my diary as it is only water and a peppermint tea in the evening (apart from the odd hot chocolate, which I make a note of).

Good luck, I can't wait to hear how you get on.
What I do with the water is I make up the squash in a 2ltr jug and just keep drinking from it throughout the day....... once it's gone I know I've drunk what I needed to and sometimes I'll have another couple of glasses if it's not too late (night-time loo trips are a PITA!) then I can "treat" myself (lol) to a can of my beloved diet cherry coke :)
As an old WW leader told me once "the more you drink, the more you shrink" lol!

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