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  1. Sparkle

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    Weight Watchers
    Well I've stuck to Weight Watchers for 2 days now. It was difficult to try and count on Friday because I had already speant half the day on CD, so I just started afresh on Saturday.

    My weight is going to look like it has dropped a lot, but that's because my last weigh in was on Tuesday evening, fully clothed. Now it's going to be Monday mornings, naked! lol

    Also, I have to admit to weighing myself when I was on CD (every day I was on it, oops). I've actually put on 2lb since I came off it... a bit worried about how much more I'll put on, but I'm going to stick to WW and review my total weight loss at the end of the month. As it is, I'm actually expecting to be heavier this week anyway as it's TOTM!

    I hope I don't continue putting on weight. I know I should have eased back into eating after completely fasting for nearly four days, I'm not sure how much my metabolism dropped - also my body needs to 'replenish' my glycogen stores (or whatever they're called).

    Oh well, I'm keeping on it, I know that it's going to take my body a little time to get back into the swing of things, I just need to be patient - not my strong point! :p
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  3. 4busybee

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    Morni' Hun,
    I know exactely how you feel i am relly worried about weigh in on thursday because i think i may have put on weight. As you know i came off CD last week and like you i should have eased myself into eating again but i didn't, thing is with me i am an all or nothing girl you know, i am either doing CD or not. I knew that i would not be able to do the management and i kept cheating all the time. Thing is i haven't told my WW leader that i was on CD so hoping that i won't put on that much this week cos i shall have to tell her about cd.

    I am sure if we stick with this by the end of the 1st month we will have lost weight, although i have to say i feel like i am eating soooo much and enjoying it all. For example heres what i have planned for today:

    2 crumpets with nutella - 3 points
    Banan -1.5
    chicken sandwich on granary with salad - 4
    low fat crisps - 1.5
    yoghurt - 1
    WW fresh pasta and sauce with salad - 6
    skimmed milk - 1
    hot choc and ww bar - 2
    pear - 1

    Total 21 points and i feel like i am always eating.

    Do you think this sounds ok for a day menu?
    what do eat in a typical day?

    Good luck Hun
    I shall keep you posted about WI

    ots of Love Busy XX
  4. Karen1972

    Karen1972 Gold Member

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    Hiya you two...

    Sounds great!! I'll be v interested in seeing how much weight you put on during the first few weeks!!! I mean, you're bound to put weight on if you're going straight from SS to a normal diet aren't you???

    I'd love to do SW again but i'm too scared about the weight gain... will be watching your progress with much interest, please please please keep us updated....

    You're very brave!

    Can i ask how much you both want to lose on WW....?

  5. Sparkle

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    Weight Watchers
    Hi Karen, I want to lose another 58lbs, to be honest I'd already lost about 50ish lbs on WW before, I just got impatient and wanted to lose the weight now!

    Busy, that sounds fine to me. I'm trying to avoid having a 'typical' day, as I generally used to have the same breakfast and lunch everyday for months, and then wonder why I got bored. I'll probably have the same breakfast during the week, but I'm going to try and keep changing things.

    Here's what I had yesterday:

    45g Shreddies - 2.5 points
    Small glass of Orange Juice - 1 point
    Milk for the day - 2 points

    Small Scone - 2 points
    1 serving of butter - 1 point
    1 small complimentary biscuit - 1 point (went out for lunch)

    45g Chicken - 1.5 points
    100g roast pots (minimal oil) - 1 point
    Lots of cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts and green beans - 0 points
    Bread sauce - 1 point
    Gravy - 0.5 points

    Hot chocolate - 1 point
    WW Bakewell Tart - 2.5 points

    Snacks throughout day:
    1 Rich Tea Biscuit - 0.5 points
    Small 2 finger KitKat - 2.5 points.

    Total points for the day 20!

    Maybe we could both post what we eat each day? That way it's something else to help keep us on track, and it may also give us ideas for meals etc?

    Although I'm going to weigh myself once a week, I'm definately going to be focusing on the overall weight loss each month - that is something that I did learn from CD.

    It does feel like we're eating all the time though doesn't it? :)
  6. 4busybee

    4busybee Full Member

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    HI Karen, I need to lose about 2st 7lbs so hoping to do that with ww and gym.

    Sparkle would be great to post each day with what we have eaten, perhaps we could start a thread that we keep adding to, what do you think?

    Been very good today, even been for an hour at the gym.

    Just eating my lunch now so hopefully should stay full until this afternoon, going to make butternut squash chips this afternoon, they are free and thought they would go nice with my dinner, i shall let you know how they turn out.

    ots of love Busy XX
  7. lardass

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    are there many foods that are free on ww
  8. VirgoGirl

    VirgoGirl Full Member

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    I had my first week's WI this morning and have put on!!

    Am blaming hormones and fully expect a decent loss next week.

    Lardass - depends which WW programme you do as to the free foods.

    If you do Full Choice, you get to have most vegetables for free, as well as the likes of sugar-free jelly etc.
    On NoCount, you don't point meals and there's a much longer list of 'free' foods but you have to stick to 3 meals a day, snacks must be fruit or veg and any treats come out of a 21-point weekly allowance.

    I have no concept of portion control or eating until 'comfortably full' so NC isn't for me!
  9. 4busybee

    4busybee Full Member

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    Mainly all verg, except sweetcorn, parsnips, peas and potatoes.

    you can make lovely veg soup and curry that is no points.

    And the butternut squash chips are lovely.

    WW do 2 plans one where you count points which is what i do and another called no count, basically you eat 3 meals a day and they are loads of free foods, you can only snack on fruit and you have 3 points day for treats or sauces gravy etc. Not realy too sure about this plan as i don't do it at all.

    Love Busy XX
  10. Sparkle

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    Weight Watchers
    I think the best thing is to look at your overall weight loss over a month. I used to get really upset and end up coming off the diet some weeks because I'd been really good all week and 'only' lost a pound, or maybe even put on. I never thought of all the other factors to take into account.

    Keep going VirgoGirl, I'm sure you'll be fine. Just make sure you drink plenty of water, and double check all the points of food, and weigh/measure it. That's something I've started doing again this week, and I've already 'found' about 3 points a day I was going over by without knowing. Also are you writing everything down? The Journal is fantastic, and I always make sure I fill it in everyday, even when I've gone over!

    I'm exactly the same - which is a shame because I really like Paul McKennas 'plan'... But I just have no idea what 'feeling hungry' or 'comfortably full' is like. I'm useless at it!

    The gym for an hour? To me that is hell! I used to go, and sometimes used to enjoy it... but mainly I find it so difficult... I used to sit in the car and take about 10 minutes to pull myself together and actually get out of the car and go into the gym. I hated it.

    BNS chips are lovely!! I'd forgotten about them, might get some BNS. It's also nice when you're running low on points and need something that will fill you up - but it also seems like a treat!

    That's an excellent idea Busy... I'll start one in a minute, and put what I ate yesterday in to start with... and then when I've 'finished for the day' today, I'll add that one! :D
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