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Weigh in 4!! Very poorly and feeling sorry for myself!


Success leads to success
Hi Everyone :cry:

Hope your all goooood :)

Went for my week 4 weigh in today and lost 3lb this week :sigh:

I dont know what to think about that really, im a little dishearterned because my mum is on the programme too and she only has 8 pounds to go to 9 stone and she lost 5lbs this week, so couldnt help but compare myself to my mam. I know I shouldnt and that losses vary weekly, but were doing everything the same and ive stuck to this 100% :cry:

I suppose it because im feeling a bit down, ive been feeling nauseous and on the loo non stop for 3 days now, ive been continuing with the shakes but im struggling with the usual 4 litres of water.

I just generally feel really poorly and have stomach cramps, has anyone else experienced this? I know there is some bugs going around my area at the moment so im thinking it could be that.

Anywho musnt get down n stay positive for next week - week 5! Hope everyone had good weigh ins today and next week ;)
Jodie xx
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Positivity is the key
Hi J-LO,
congrats on your weight loss, 3 lb is a very decent weight loss, so please don't be disheartened by it. Look at all the people on here, we all lose different ammounts per week, even the ones who have very similar weight to lose. It's what's makes us unique I suppose.
There are a lot of different viruses around here at the moment too, yesterday I felt achey in my joints and tired, today I feel quite washed out, just not fit for much, so I can understand how it can feel hard to be positive at times.
However I would feel this way if I was eating also, so I think I would prefer to feel like this and still be losing weight than feel ill and make myself more ill and unhealthier, by eating all that I could.
Hope you start to feel better soon and fingers crossed for a good weight loss again next week.


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Well done you!! 3lb in the right direction!!

I have my week 3 weigh in on Wednesday and hope mine is as good as 3lb.... I seem to have really slowed down this week.


Success leads to success
Hi Guys thank you for your kind words :)

I am feeling much better today and very positive again. I think I


Success leads to success
Hi Guys thank you for your kind words :)

I am feeling much better today and very positive again. I think I was just feeling sorry with myself with being poorly. Yes Doirin it appears there is alot of bugs going round at the moment, and when you have children living with you I suppose its inevitable.

Im just very proud of myself for sticking with this 100%, I was really craving broccoli yesterday (weird!!) and would have killed for some, but I didnt give in :D

Good luck for your next weigh ins!
glad your feeling better keep ya chin up and you will be fine


Here we go again!
Glad you're feeling positive and better today again Jodie. You're doing really well on this so stick with it and keep going. 3lbs loss is really good so don't get disheartened, we really shouldn't compare our losses to other peoples, even when it is your mum! We're all different so don't get down about it. You're doing brilliant!

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