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Weigh in 4!


I will be skinny again!!!
Well it was a tad disapointing at a 1/2lb loss but im not bothered cus I have had brilliant losses up to now!

Sorry I havent been on this much.. Ive been distracted by a new man lol... Sorry!!!

we went to starbucks last night and I didnt even think and ordered a cafe latte... Not to worried if it knocks me out of ketosis though cus I had an amazing time and it was worth it lol!!

ended up on a 9 hour first date... Slept in for work and everything this morning as I didnt get home til 4am!!! so i had to lie to work and say ive had to make an emergency dentist appointment! whoops!! lol
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haha all for a new man eh!...good job on the weigh in its still going down!... 9 hours ooh ooh..with that long a date there must be a second one coming!...where did u meet him? x


I will be skinny again!!!
I met him in starbuck last summer.. we were just chatting to each other randomly as the place was packed and he sat down at my table, and then I added a friend on facebook that I havent seen in ages and were both know him and then he seen my commenting on our mutual friends status and was like.. are you the starbucks girl??

and it kinda escalated from there!! hahah :)


I will be skinny again!!!
haha fingers crossed.. It was the most random date of my entire life.. so much happened.. Id be afraid the next one would be boring though haha!


Otherwise known as Jools
Awww thats nice how romantic :D A loss is a loss so at least its going the right way.
Weigh-to-go Chelly!!!!

Things are looking up in the man department and down in the weight!! Great stuff!!


Size 14 here i come!
Are you the luckiest person or what? The week you get a small loss you find a man!! I knew i should have swapped places with you when i had the chance in beginning of Jan,lol

Glad things are going good for you mate!!
wow Chelly, 25lbs in a month that is some going...i'll be chuffed to bits if i can near match that loss!! New man ;) how nice x
Whoop whoop, I love a bit of romance! Congrats on losing half lb and gaining (im guessing) around 11 stone!!



Having a mid-life crisis
Well done on the loss, and the gain, lol


Life is not a Rehersal!
good attitude Chelly; we all get smaller losses somewhere along the way and it is best to try and deal with it in a positive way than negative, cause we know where that can lead.

wooowoo....you and the date!!!!!! keep us all posted to how it goes!
WOW! Like ur must be blessed or something!! lol

nice one skinny - hope u have lots of fun xox


Size 14 here i come!
Yep she has got it bad, lol
Normally that reply would have been a mile long, you've changed chelly:p
We just get pushed to one side now, in with the new man, don't worry about us we will be fine!!:D


I will be skinny again!!!
hahaha sorry guys!!!

ive been trying to do loads of exercise too and I dont know where im at at the min!! lol

Hope everyones ok!! :D

The new man situation is going good so far :D

Were meeting up again on saturday! :D
congratulations on your loss/gain.best of both worlds eh.x

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