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weigh in after eating this week


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Well as you said at least you didn't put any on :)

You can understand why this is an all or nothing diet - there is absolutely no margin for cheating as it simply doesn't work.

You know what you have to do for week 2 - get into ketosis & watch the weight drop off :) Good luck & keep focused :D
oh you poor thing,

well at east you know why!

get back on it today and start again and i'm sure the weight will drop of you next weight, in

Chin up!!


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Soooo glad i read your post because i was thinking of having a meal on saturday night, (my WI is monday) but now i think i will stick to my soup!
hey hun glad to hear that you lost something this week, but as Howdy already said its so important not to eat on this diet.

Is there a reason why you havent told your family or do you reckon that they wont understand?


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well you're not allowed to give in this week. it's the law!!

I'm craving chicken korma and chips - and i don't even normally eat that! lol


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i would love chicken balls, curry sauce and chips
i feel im getting weaker as the time goes on- i was really strong at first :(


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I'm exactly the same but I just keep thinking about the reasons why i'm doing this. I don't know what stops me from actually eating sometimes, but something does!

I gave up smoking 9 months ago, but now i'm back on 2 or 3 fags a day at night time to curb the hunger! LOL


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but im not even hungry thats the annoying thing! i have always been addicted to junk food and pigged out on choc :( im so worried im goin to go back to old way but am determined to succeed


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you won't do once you hit target because you will be aware of what the consequences are. i have no doubts that my brain will be reprogrammed by the time i am finished.
i am just worried everything will taste wonderful when i have finished cos these at the mo taste disgusting.
Stop this bad talk about food right now!!! I logged on and now I am starving too!! Actually about food tasting wonderful afterwards it actually doesn't. I have eaten in social situations a few times and have also downrighted cheated on others, and it isn't worth it but also wierdly junk food (chocolate) didn't taste as good as I thought it did, fairly healthy savoury food tasted the best, belive it or not. i think its one of the best things about this diet, it breaks a negative cycle with bad food. The key is not to eat in the first 3 weeks I think, as they say it takes 3 weeks to break a habit..


Says it as it is!!!
lol or not to eat at all while on a TOTAL FOOD REPLACEMENT! hehehe x :)
Good point good point!! I am fully fledged TFR member at present, have learned from my mistakes :cry:


Says it as it is!!!
Know what you mean hun...its sooo not worth it and only takes longer xx

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