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Weigh in day


Does anyone else do the same? Im working from home today like normal on a monday and its my weigh in day. I would normally eat and eat and eat but im trying to eat just little bits that are light in weigh lol Will it make a difference?? lol ...... Just tucking in to a mug shot......shouldnt weigh too much lol
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I always used to do that! I don't think it makes any difference though - i'm an online member now so I weigh first thing! c x
I do that too... I won't use any syns until after WI and try to eat more SF foods than normal, although really, I don't think it makes that much difference. But i just can't help myself!


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Yup I'm the same, hardly eat at all on WI day then after I've weighed I eat what I have taken with me lol
ha yep I think that this is a pretty common thing. It used to take me ages to decide what to have for lunch on weigh day going round the kitchen deciding what would weigh least! Now i'm at target though I don't bother so much and it's really nice not to dread Wednesdays because I would never have me afternoon cuppa and cereal bar when I was getting weighed!
I weigh myself first thing in the morning to avoid this :)
And with no clothes on to avoid the which-clothes-weigh-less debate ;)
I'm not long-sighted enough to get nervous the day before, so my eating habits don't change all week. This way I think I get a fair result, otherwise I would do silly things like not drink as much throughout the day (I drink about 4-5 litres of water a day, and that's 8-10lbs right there - although I also wee a lot TMI!) and starve myself until after weigh-in which in the long term can't be good :)


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On the day, yes it can make a huge difference. To your overall long-term weight loss, not one bit :D

I did this one week when I had been naughty, but was desperate for a loss to keep me motivated. I didn't eat or drink all day, felt light-headed and ill, but managed to scrape a 0.5lb loss.

Now to maintain my loss rate, I have to be careful every Thursday, and have only a couple glasses of water, light breakfast and a piece of fruit for lunch! Crazy! :eek:

I go on holiday next week, so thankfully I will be able to put a stop to this pattern while away (as I expect to gain anyway).

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