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Weigh In day!


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Lost 3.5 Pounds! Not quite at a stone but nearly! Feeling good thou! So hopefully can make the one stone mark next week!! Hope everyone is feeling good!

WOW :happy036: you must be very pleased well done. It really works this diet is the greatest. Give yourself a huge pat on the pat..... WELL DONE again
Thanks!! Feeling inspired now! Actually want to exercise now!! Although swiming costume still does not fit comfortably, so may go out and clean the car later, that ought to burn some calories!!

Caroline- how you feeling about tomorrow?
It does say you can lose a stone in four weeks, and you're a half lb off that in just three - you're working so hard!

Well done hun, wish I could be as disciplined but oh well lol Supersize vs Skinny is back on Channel 4 now I've just found out so watched the first epsode on 4od along with the half-ton son program, has got me wanting to be more active at least if not try and aim for 1200 calories everyday, think the closest I've got is 1600 :p


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Wow!! Well done Jess ... Fantastic!!! :):):)

Why does your Ticker say 12.5 instead of 13.5??
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Well done you!! I find you all so inspirational and I so hope I can maintain my level of committment! Basically I think I am here for life! Certainly this is making me really think about being healthy - in all areas of my life! I ensure the children eat a wide varied balanced diet - but they are allowed sweets and biscuits and we go to Mac D's etc (Part of my problem is - I think, the way we were brought up as children and we had a very healthy diet but very little sugar and not many sweets/biscuits!) and I also keep the children very active, but that leaves little time for me to exercise. We walk at weekends together with the dog ! Once I am lighter I plan to change this!
Wow!! Well done Jess ... Fantastic!!! :):):)

Why does your Ticker say 12.5 instead of 13.5??
Hey Jan,
Loving the pic! Sorry to hear about your Dad, hope you are ok.

I have lost 12.5 Pounds in total, so only 1.5 to go till I have lost a stone!!

Need to buy new work troussers already!

I am off to 'Fat Club' tonight! I really interested to see if my body fat has gone down! Will keep you posted.

Big Hugs


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Ooh can't wait to find out about your percentage fat :D

Have replied on facebook but, nope, not lost all the 10lbs in a week - if only hehe!

OOh, I bet you are so excited to get to that stone - will keep my fingers crossed you do it for next WI.


maintaining since June'09
Hi Jess ..... I'm sorry .... I'm confused (easily done - an age thing! ;))

Your signature says you started at 15st 3lbs and that on Sunday you were 14st 3.5lbs ........ isn't that 13.5lbs???

Thanks for what you said about my dad - I think we may have got a bit confused here too :) A good friend of mine died last week but I did mention my dad's funeral in reply to something Caroline said. That was actually 17 months ago ...... still sad though :( so thanks again. xx


maintaining since June'09
Oh yes - looking forward to hearing how that went!
Oh my! I am so confused! So I started at 15 stone 3, am now 14 stone 3.5, is that 13.5??? You would never think financial reporting is a major part of my job!


maintaining since June'09
Hey Jess - no need to apologise to me .... I thought you were short-changing yourself! It's still a fantastic result! :)

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