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Weigh In days


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What's yours?

I wi at home and I'm thinking of changing it from a Monday to later in the week.

I seem to consume the majority of my syns at the weekend, and the feeling of being bloated (from the drink or stodgy food I've had) is beginning to have a negative affect on me.

I have no problem with the plan, or having my syns at the weekend, this is my lifestyle, it's realistic and sustainable and I am losing weight. But I don't like the feeling of dreading stepping on the scales on a Monday just after I have had my week end of food and drink.
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Hi Huni. My weigh in is a Monday morning at home too. I wish I could throw you some of my motivation, as I have no inclination to cheat a the weekends.
If you feel that the weekends are too much of a problem, then I would definitely change the weigh in morning to perhaps a Thursday to give you a chance to put things right! Lol


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Mine is a Wednesday. I like it being Wednesday as it means I can le my hair down a little at the end of the week then be really good again til wednesday. I do think that a Thursday WI might suit me better though!


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Thanks Mrs V.

I don't feel like I'm cheating at the weekend strangely enough and I also don't reallllly feel like I lose my motivation (maybe sometimes)... I suppose I'm just living and eating as I usually would, only I make healthier choices 90% of the time, but at the weekend I still have my alcohol and then stodgy (but not always syn laden) food to counteract the hang over lol.

It's just that over the past few weeks I've weighed myself on a Monday and then at the end of the week. I find each week when I weigh myself at the end of the week my loses have been greater.. but then once I have got through my weekend the wi isn't as kind (obviously).

I'm 7lb down now which I'm thrilled with. But last week I had weighed myself on the Friday and I had lost 1.5lbs. But then the on the Mon it was a sts - which I took. I weighed myself Fri, I'd lost 3lb but today 1.5lbs.

I know it's all in the same direction - which is great - and there was a similar discussion a few weeks ago about the time of the day people get weighed. But I suppose I'd just like to be comfortable with the day I wi and also as I don't go to class I can really please myself ha. I do like to air my thoughts here, as I feel I'm being accountable for my actions and honest too which helps me keep on track.

Sheesh I do go on!!

Taz, that's what I'm thinking!
I have started to wi on a sat am - only as I started s/world last sat after a fri night of eating/drinking and woke up feeling so rubbish - i thought right thats it!
also it means i am careful in the weekend but I can defin be better during the week so that helps me,
overall I do not tihnk it matters as long as overall you are going down in weight - i used to panic the night before wi and trying and eat less etc, but then binge after weigh in??!! so now just try and do it normally!!
also as I weigh in on an am i start to fill out a new tracker sheet (as in no "not counting or " " that won't matter.count!) which is what i used to do on a weigh in at night time


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I know what you mean Susie. I've been really positive these past 6 wks, but I wonder if I hadn't seen the good results at the end of the week (when I've sneakily weighed myself), would I still be so positive if I was only going off the Mon wi?
i know what you mean - I weighed in on sat and was a bit upset as only registered 0.5lb weight loss, however i had a little look this am (just to enusre i was really not getting the diet at all!!) and am 1.5 lb down already - it does spur you on, I kinda keep an eye on it throughout the week (which i know they say you shouldnt do!) but hey it helps me,
I worked out if i lost 1lb per week i could hit my target of 9 stone by my 35th birthday:) (june) so keeping at it!

good luck!
I changed mine to Friday mornings for the same reasons! Do it. If it makes you feel better about the whole shebang, do it. Do it! :)
Hi Fea,

I totally get where you are coming from! I also weigh myself at home and used to weigh on a Monday, but like you I also use my syns on a weekend. I decided to move my weigh in to a Fri am when I have had zero syns!

I certainly don't feel like I have cheated myself as i don't use any of my syns in the week, and i'm still losing weight,but think changing my WI day lets me see the best of my losses if that makes sense?

Hope I haven't rambled !!!

I WI at home on a Monday too, but only because that was the day of the week I started (always full of good intentions at the start of the week! LOL). Since then I've added measuring day on a Thursday, but having read this thread I've had a lightbulb moment of "what was I thinking?!". Going to change my WI to Friday am too now, lol.
One of my friends is doing WW by herself at the moment, and she found when she changed her WI from Monday to Friday, she got on a lot better because the week doesn't seem so long. Little psychological things like that can really help, so I say go for it!

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