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weigh in number 3

yep i can definately tell because i tried fastening my belt the other day and my cousin said liam theres no more holes what you doing lol and i feel great loads more energy
no i have to pull mi trogs up all the time i need a new belt and some new pants or im gonna be in town flashing every1 haha


I will be skinny again!!!
hahaha :D Brilliant!!!

Id say for now just get a new belt, No point buying new clothes when your gonna be losing more weight :D
yeah definately but cant wait to buy new clothes (well my gran will buy them) i can wear what i want then not far from that tho another month or so and i'll be cooking with gas.

i defo think a new belt is in order though for now
well done liam thats brilliant keep it up


I will be skinny again!!!
What do you mean you will be cooking with gas? :S

haha yep :) and maybe buy a puncher for making new holes in it!! lol


I will be skinny again!!!

That doesnt make sense in the slightest but i love it and im stealing it!!
Another great loss Liam, well done! Just make sure your undies are decent in case you do lose your trousers round your ankles one day!!!! Lol!!!! You can be like those trendy (!) lads who have their jeans under their bums so you can see their undies!!!!!! What is that fashion about? OMG I am so old I just don't understand that one!!!!!!


blue eyes

Positive and focused!
Well done another fantastic weight loss.XX

well done Liam you are doing amazingly well keep up the brilliant work

xx Sharron


My husband = My hero
Well done mate! thats excellant!! ul b wasting away soon enough!!
Well done Liam ! You're doing great, keep it up and you'll be needing a smaller belt too.

Cuddly Fairy Im a London Girl a young one at that trust me the whole pants showing malarky is nothing to be understood with age. Its a stupid trend that I think comes from America and the most ridiculous thing, one day i saw this boy who had his trousers so far down under his bum they were on his thighs so he walked like Donald Duck anyway but the best thing was to hold them up he had to wear 3 belts to stop them from sliding down and when he ran he nearly broke his neck in the process haha.D o tell me what is the point of this crazy fashion. Its not like the world want's to see you're checkered pants if we did we would have asked. For the safety of the public put your pants away ! :D xx just thought i'd share that with you lol.
thats great to keep losing so much each week x well done

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