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When people weigh themselves before wi, they often get given advice that this is not a true reading, as your weight fluctuates a lot through the week and that only the wi at SW gives an accurate result.

However, this has got me thinking, that conversely if someone suddenly shows a gain or sts at SW, could this just be that at the time of being weighed, the weight is fluctuating? I know that I've been less before wi, then gone and got weighed and sts or even gained previously, then the next day the scales have showed a loss again.

Hope this makes sense! Just a thought!
:). It just seems that everything is resting on being weighed at the same time each week, but is is giving an accurate picture of the weight, if it is fluctuating all the time?
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Yes our weight is fluctuating a great deal throughout the day, a lot of it to do with fluid etc. But if you look at it over the course of a long period of time, there will be a trend! Look at people who have lost say 6 stone, they have had many fluctuations over the course of their weight loss, but on the whole they have lost a lot of body fat which has disappeared week by week. I don't own any bathroom scales because I know I'd be obsessing! I just leave it to SW so I won't know any different what's gone on in the last 24 hours and I know that in time my weight will diminish to what I want it to be! When I get to goal I will buy some scales!X