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Weigh-in tips

I have a few questions for forum users:

My CDC weighs me at our meetings on Monday evening, but obviously that's late in the day and I'm fully clothed, which adds a few pounds. I know you're only meant to do one weigh-in a week but does anyone also find weighing themselves in the morning without clothes helpful as it gives a more true result? Or should I just focus on my weekly weight loss?

Does anyone have a pair of these expensive scales that show BMI and body fat content? Does that give you much information you can't work out from a stones and pounds reading?

Let me know if not, and save me some money!

Thanks everyone.
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I'm afraid I don't go by the CDC scales for this very reason, I always weigh on my own scales and take that to be my true reading. Just because I used these when I started my journey.

I am also afraid that I weigh myself every morning, naked and after a wee. TMI I know!!!

Theresa x
lloyds pharmacy i got mine for £15 few weeks ago.. might still be on offer might not.. lol . they do your bmi and fat etc.. they brill!!

i weigh in the morning, i go by my scales rather than cdc cus cdc are 4 pound heavier than mine and the chemists?..


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i got body fat , bmi etc from Lloyds chemist too, they are glass ones paid £15 instead of £40!!!

My CDC are also coming up about 3lb more heavier than mine at home
i weigh at CDC's on tues night but drink water all day and obviously wear some clothes to hers!!!
so i prefer to weigh on weds morning at my house, naked and about 9-10am after a wee wee...
as long as you stick to one weigh in (i still weigh myself everyday...) to officially record your losses.
oh and i dont have expensive scales, just electric ones. my cdc's also 4 lbs heavier than mine :-(
I got my scales from Lloyds pharmacy on special as well!!

Couldn't be bothered to work out all the options, just weigh me! I check each morning before drinking anything :) and try to get an AM weigh in or else don't have anything for a few hours before an evening weigh in. My CDC's scales weigh me at 2lb more than mine (consistently) so I know what to expect.

Weighed in this morning - now lost 24lb , yay.
I purposely don't have any scaes at home as otherwise I'd be on them continually:D

So, I weigh in at my CDC's on a friday, but I aso weigh in at my local Boot's on a monday which is the reading I use, as I started my diet on a monday (reducing carbs/cals in prep for doing CD) so I want to show my total loss, rather than the loss my CDC records.

From what I can gather my CDC's scales usually read 2lb's lighter than Boot's ones, but I don't wear shoes when at my CDC's, so that could be it, and also the boot's ones only read out in whole pounds, whereas my CDC's ones show ounces too!
For accurate 'this is me' weight I do it at home in the bollocky buff (even though i DONT have any!), after a wee first thing in the morning. My CDC weighs of an evening when we are heaviest, but the scales will keep moving down at the same rate, its just the numbers might be different.
Just bought some new scales for home - my old ones were very eratic in their accuracy - got digi ones and they seem pretty spot on to my CDC's ones albeit I am wearing heavier clothes today - I always wear the same "light" clothes when I have my weigh in with her even tho they are getting too big - anyway I live in a townhouse and I weigh less on my ground floor in the kitchen than I do on the next flight up in my bathroom!

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